Gabbar Singh

21 05 2012

A treat to Power Star’s fans. A complete entertainer. Enjoyed it very much. I must admit I occasionally indulge myself by getting carried away by the charisma of the star(s) and this surely is one such an occasion. It’s an adrenaline rush experience to watch him and listen to people around whistle and applaud at his style, stunts, and dance.

The in-built comedy both tickles and derives quite a few good laughs; Even the punch dialogues are not too overboard. They all make sense coming from Pavan Kalyan. He has it in him – power. He surely has put on some weight and reminded me of Chiranjeevi many times. 🙂

Pavan Kalyan has created magic. Sruthi is decent. Music is great.  My favorite is the title song, with the item song coming a close second.

There is a lot of energy in the movie; na, the hero. Would like to watch it again.


21 01 2012

Puri and Mahesh did it again. Businessman may not raise as high an uproar as Pokiri, but is good and special in its own way. I found it quite a serious movie providing enough adrenaline rush to the audience as the hero climbs up the success ladder in the business of crime. It’s a kind of universal law that a hero always does right and conversely, anything that a hero does can be justified to be right. Keeping aside the debate about the effects and role of mafia on the society, films made about the underworld aren’t very uncommon, both nationally and internationally. We all loved the empire of The God Father and also the invincibility of our own Don, without any reservations whatsoever. Businessman falls into the similar line but as one expects, the story, treatment, and dialogues are new and refreshing.

As in all kinds of stories/movies, there is a love track in this movie. The hero originally traps the heroine  to serve as an ace up his sleeve in case he gets cornered by her commissioner father, but realizes at a crucial moment that he has really fallen for her and that she means a lot to him. On her part, the heroine, though initially got deeply distressed on knowing the truth about the hero, can’t really be able to get over him and succumbs to his charms. I would have found this track truly “filmy” (read “highly impractical”) and it would have affected my reaction to the movie on the whole. But, as it happened, I read a book called “Mafia Queens of Mumbai” a few months back, which is a collection of real-life stories of the notable gangsters and underworld giants. In that book, I found lot many love stories and affairs, which are not dissimilar to the one mentioned above.

Earlier, in my naivety and ignorance, I used to think that people are either white or black and the so called “bad people” or “villains” are by design unable to do anything remotely sensitive. The thought of them being in love with a woman in a true sense is something I had trouble even imagining. It is easy to guess the reason for my stereotype thoughts – the underlying messages that have been drilled into our minds ever since the childhood through moral stories, epics, movies etc, establish the same thing -that there are good people and there are bad people and that they have almost nothing in common. Being a simple unsuspecting soul by nature, I continued believing it even until recently, which I admit is not actually a thing to be proud of but on the contrary, should be (or rather, is) a source of my chagrin.

The music is not too good. Liked only a couple of songs. It’s neither the first instance that the tunes have been copied nor will it be the last but to discover the act even before one got to listen to the songs for the first time kind of dilutes one’s possible enjoyment of the music. Despite that, I loved the “Pilla Chao” song. Picking the Lion King’s song for copying, is something I feel is stupid. Borrowing from such a well-known track – I think that’s too audacious of Thaman. The song isn’t very melodic and when made into a Telugu song, except the chorus bit everything else kind of made no impact on me. (I love all songs from Lion King though.) I loved the background score. Kajal looked very glamorous in this movie. The songs were picturesque and I absolutely loved the costumes of Mahesh in “Pilla Chao”.


6 10 2011

Been to Dookudu last night for the third time. Loved it more each time I saw it. Finally thought that my blog deserves some space for it. While I admit that I don’t have anything different or new to say about the movie, I feel the urge to express a few of my thoughts on it at this juncture.

Dookudu is a wholesome entertainer with action, comedy, sentiment, and of course romance/love. Mahesh Babu fills the movie and he is never been more handsome or more charming. Despite his smile being a bit awkward – just shrinking the eyes and extending the mouth – he manages to look cute.  I felt like there has never been a Tollywood hero who has as killing looks as Mahesh. It’s not fair. 🙂 I’m no fan of him, but still I couldn’t take my eyes off him during the whole movie.

Samantha looked beautiful, lot better than in her earlier movies. But one gets tired of the peculiar  husky voice of the dubbing artist. Been good in the first movie – Em maaya Chesaave.It was refreshing at that time. But using it every time, gives the heroine an unnecessary attitude. I hated to listen to her voice even for Trisha in Teenmaar.

The music is awesome. Can’t get enough of it. Thaman just rocks! The songs are picturesque. Very appealing. Must mention the superb costumes, especially Mahesh’s.  The story is crafted well. Mahesh is absolutely bewitching as a bold and efficient IPS officer. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and I look forward to watch it again and again. In fact my first thought as soon as I was into the movie (the first time) for only about half-an-hour had been – “I must own the DVD as soon as it comes out.” 😀


13 07 2011

I thought I could get away not having to watch Badrinath but it is not to be so. My husband and my son insisted that we go and so did we go. Well, keeping the expectations to the minimum certainly helped a lot. Thanks for all those negative reviews. 🙂

The most violent/grotesque scenes were censored (made white) and I can’t thank enough those who are responsible for the censorship for saving me from a lot of wincing and subsequent nightmares.

The movie starts with a great promise acquainting the audience about the greatness of cultural heritage and the need to preserve them at any cost. But with the heroine falling in love with the hero, everything changes. Suddenly love (b/n a man and a woman) takes a supreme stand.

The characters are not well developed. The most irritable of all is that of heroine. She is so selfish and stupid that she can perceive nothing except her feelings for the hero. She is just a brainless barbie doll. In fact, characters like this are not new in Indian Cinema and the movies have indulged them like anything since ever.  Just being in love is perceived as a qualification and the mere fact that one sincerely (??) loves a person makes one entitled to get him/her whatever may be the circumstances. They glorify “love” like anything. The message they seem to convey seems to be – Being in Love is the noblest of all states. I believe that it’s true but only when you extend that love to the world and God.

All our scriptures proclaim that the highest achievement for any person is to become enlightened  and raise to a higher level. And the worldly pleasures/duties were meant to be experienced with a certain sense of detachment: Live in this world like a water drop on the lotus leaf. One’s duty always comes first. It’s another matter whether I agree with all the above or not, but since the movie deals with our culture, I guess it’s not entirely unrelated to reiterate the essence of our religion here.

The whole premise of the story that the love of a girl for the boy is nobler than the esteemed duty of the boy to his guru/god is not so convincing.

Even the hero’s character is not strong. His preferences are not shown explicitly, in an attempt to make him appear agreeable to both his lover and his guru. Also the guru’s character is not very good. His dialogue that – “I can make anyone my successor but no one can replace you as the girl’s lover” did not sound well to my ears. The reason why the guru has selected the hero as his successor is because he believed he’s the best person to take that responsibility. Any other choice would have been a compromise.

The threat that the girl would die if she is not allowed to unite with her lover is seen as the power/intensity of her love. What the hell? That might be true but is it only for love? Surely, the alternative that life has in store for her is worse. I don’t mean to be too hard on her but it seems to me that she is just selfish and desperate.

And it was so insolent of her to take the guru’s name and confront him demanding him to release his disciple. Not even for a moment she thought from the guru’s or the hero’s perspective. She did not pause to think what are the stakes on the other side. It’s she who came from elsewhere and disturbed their lives.

And all through the movie, the hero remains ambivalent. What about his love for the heroine? Is it as strong/intense as the heroine’s? No clue. Even in the end, he comes back to the heroine only on the guru’s command. What is he? A puppet? Of course, it’s all guru-sentiment but still it all seemed contrived.

Badrinath had been a rude shock after the classy 180. The heroine exposed her flesh in almost “every” frame of her. I had to remind myself that it’s a mass movie. 🙂

The songs are all noisy. I liked only one – “Amba Dari”. The dances are good.

100% Love

19 05 2011

Just watched 100% Love. It was good. It’s full of ego wars between the lead characters. Couldn’t help swaying emotionally all through the film. Both the hero and heroine couldn’t express their feelings in a better way. No great opportunities to savor the chemistry between them. I felt tensed through out the movie.

I especially liked the first half. Their determination and hardwork to be the first ranker is very inspiring. I hope it helps me in my prep. 🙂

The whole point of the movie seemed to break the ego of the hero. The heroine accomplishes all her challenges as the hero fails to keep up his. It seemed like a heoine-oriented movie (on a lighter note). I admit that hero is a bit too arrogant about his intelligence and accomplishments. But still felt bad to see him lose to the heroine all the time. While the heroine claims that she is in love with the hero right from the beginning, she seemed more interested in a ego battle with him and in enjoying his physical intimacy than anything else. While she claims that she loves him so much that she proposed to another guy for him, I feel that there could have been better ways to prove/display her love. There is no evidence that her feelings are beyond infatuation but her own conscience. The director might have felt good to have kept the audience in the semi-dark till the end, but I feel that it reflected badly on the characters.

On the whole, the movie is good.

Mr. Perfect

29 04 2011

Just returned from watching this movie. It’s awesome. I totally loved it. I guess it’s been a while since I enjoyed a movie this much. I liked almost everything about the movie. Above all I liked its message.

Caution: More praises down the line.

My first impression of Tapsi wasn’t good and I decided even before watching the movie that I’m going to dislike her.  But I surprised myself. I liked her a lot, especially her smile. It’s very beautiful. She looked really cool in jeans and white t-shirt.

I liked Kajal the best in this movie, not just because of her amazing costumes but because of her eye makeup. I always felt that only a little bit of Kajal on her eyes completes her diva look and I loved to see her lovely eyes in this movie.

Enough about the girls. Coming to Prabhas, he looked really chic and super cool. He was as handsome as ever and I loved him in the blazer.

Vicky (Prabhas) is a perfect gentleman and as Priya (Kajal) says there will be none who will not like him. In this movie, all the characters are good. There are no uncomfortable moments/scenes. Not even one. It’s a clean family entertainer.

The chemistry between Prabhas and Kajal was awesome and they make a great pair on the screen. I saw their previous movie – “Darling” only recently and liked them a lot in it.

The basic message that the movie conveys is that one needs to adjust in order to be successful  in relationships. While I agree with this philosophy, I feel that there must always be a limit for such adjustments and one shouldn’t lose oneself in the process. While it’s normal that people voluntarily change and make allowances for those they are in love with, I believe that it is unwise to  go to the extreme and leave behind one’s identity.  Sure there should be adjustments, but they should come from both the parties for long-term sustainment of the relationship. I might not be able to exactly define what Love is but I’m sure that it’s not about losing oneself in the other. In my opinion, a successful relationship exists only when there is a perfect balance between one’s individuality and the couple’s togetherness.

Needless to say, I plan to watch this movie again.The whole movie seems like a special visual treat  and I have a feeling that I’ll like it better each time I watch it.