Lost along the way

2 04 2012

I presume we all come across plenty of instances in the course of our life, which provide opportunities for us to learn from little kids around us. Things like compassion and candidness. Not that we don’t know any of it. Having kids around help us to stop and think, they do remind us of many values and virtues, which we learnt and practiced during our own childhood and even try to inculcate them in the next generation but sadly we (there are always exceptions) now see ourselves either beyond those traits or just  consider them too impractical to warrant much attention and time in our busy lives.

Just the other day my son and I were browsing through the newspaper, when he spotted a picture of a bird perched on top of a water tap trying to get to the water droplets oozing out. He was curious about it and I explained that the summer heat is making the bird very thirsty and that the picture depicts the bird’s desperate need for water. He nodded in understanding and immediately put this proposition before me:

“Let’s put bowls of water for the pigeons who visit our balcony daily. Also, we’ll offer something for them to eat.”

More than a few pigeons have been visiting us for quite some time. They even built a permanent kind of nest in our balcony. I always viewed them as nuisance for the ruckus they cause and the resultant cleaning I have to do. Not once did it occur to me that I should offer something for them. My son’s words were like a rude jolt to me. They painfully reminded me of the long journey I made since my innocent childhood. Something has really lost along the way. Time to stop, think, assess, change, and act.


A few videos

25 05 2010

Refreshing and rejuvenating sunny days seem to still elude the north-west. Memorial day is almost here but dark clouds seem reluctant to disperse. Though Summer hasn’t started officially, I’m unable to refrain myself from seeking at least a sample of the forthcoming fine weather in these final days of May. Hmm…

A few weeks ago, I escaped to California for a weekend to experience the warm weather and of course, to see a few attractions. I admit that the day was a bit too warm but it wasn’t a scorcher by any means.  I wish to share a few videos from my trip here. Enjoy!

Disneyland Fireworks:

Celebrate Street Party:

Sea Lions Show:

Shamu’s Show: