Visiting the Lees

12 04 2010

I have been in Seattle for almost 4 years now and it was with a surprise that I learned from a friend, who has recently arrived in the city, that the legendary Bruce Lee was buried here.  Indeed he was and so was his son Brandon Bruce Lee.  It’s strange that I haven’t known this before.

I’m not much of a movie person, but I, like millions others, loved his Enter the Dragon and watched it countless times.   I feel that it’s simply not possible to stop being awed by him, even decades after his untimely death.

So, we set off to visit their graves.  Actually, I felt a little awkward to be wanting to visit a graveyard but my curiosity took the better of me.  The graves are located in Lakeview Cemetery and it was with much reverence for the dead that we entered the Lakeview Cemetery at which the Lees’ graves were buried.  The whole place was so peaceful and beautiful and it seemed to me  for a moment that this would be a perfect place to rest after death. Silly me! 😛  But truly, the place was awesome.

Contrary to my expectations of a huge and pompous grave, we found it to be a modest one. But it’s definitely impressive and stood against others in the lot. Bruce Lee’s grave stone has his picture embedded in it. Felt good to remember the greatest martial artist as I paid a silent tribute at his grave.


28 03 2010

Spring is such a welcoming relief after the dreary winter.  Stuffed inside the house (almost) all the time, it feels good to be out and enjoy the pleasant weather. Saturday had been a lovely day and we couldn’t resist going out. We had been to downtown and enjoyed the musical fountain at Seattle Center, among other things like Monorail, Fun Forest etc.  It certainly felt good to let myself free, without any impending  to-do list items gnawing on my mind. As for me, it was a great family time after a long time.

Seattle libraries shut down for a week

4 09 2009

Today I had a few hours for myself and I hoped to spend them in the Seattle Public Library in downtown.   But I was baffled to know that it’s closed for the whole week – Aug 31st through the Labor Day. In fact all the Seattle libraries are shut down.

Can you guess the reason?

Budget cuts. God, it’s a shock to realize that even Libraries are affected by the current recession – the end of which still alludes us.

Closing down the libraries, no doubt,  will be a great inconvenience. However, it’s a small comfort that this closure will result in saving substantial amount of money.

Quoting directly from the official website of the Seattle Public Library,

The systemwide closure, along with other cuts, will help the Library meet a 2 percent budget reduction – about $1 million. The closure will save approximately $655,000.

Here is a great news article about the same: Seattle libraries close for week to save money