Moments of joy

25 04 2010

What makes your day? It varies for everyone and for different days. It can be your baby’s smile or a compliment from your spouse, job well done at work or pleasant weather or call from a friend etc. You feel happy and elated in those moments and carry that good feeling throughout the day. I call them – “moments of joy”.

The other day, I experienced such moments of joy when I learned a few new things. I was reading a few articles on “Analytics” and “Advanced Analytics”. One thing led to the other and I found myself learning a lot more, thanks to Wikipedia and Google. I learned about the existence of a programming language called “R” and also about a career called “Actuary”. All this in just 10 minutes. For a moment, I felt so grateful to the Internet and especially Google and reflected on how techonology has made the process of acquiring knowledge easier.

Another thing that struck me was that I actually enjoyed learning. Memories came back to me from my childhood when I used to lament in despair that the end of schooling/education seemed too distant. There were always assignments, examinations and progress reports year after year and the inevitability of undergoing all that for another 10-15 years seemed cruel to me. I used to imagine myself sighing in relief at the end of all that ordeal but the reality turned out to be different. I never thought it’s possible that one can choose to study when it’s no longer mandatory and here I’m taking course after course and with great plans to study further to quench my knowledge thirst. Ha!