The big eye

7 02 2012

It’s for all to see and experience the phenomena of social network media and blogs which gave each one of us wings of expression. It’s amazing to discover how much we have to share with others – both trivial and otherwise. But the picture is not all rosy. With the amount of time people spend on such networking increased to substantial amounts, people have to realize that whatever they say or do online leaves a print that others would be interested to track.

It’s common knowledge that companies do track the behavior of users online to better target their marketing campaigns. Google reads our mail: though this raked a bit of alarm, it quickly died down as users are so hooked on to it that in a war they can’t afford to lose it. We also know about the commotion and sensation created by the now almost legendary tweets by Shashi Tharoor and Lalit Modi. It stirred up a hornet’s nest and they are still facing the consequences of their unguarded expressions online.

But these are big shots either involved in some inappropriate  practices and/or are in a respectable position in the government. They have every reason and need to be extra careful about their choice of words. But what about others – normal people like you and me? Can we get away with any derogatory or offending remark? Can’t say about India but we do have to watch out and guard ourselves if we ever want to say or do anything related to America.

Here is an incident that happened a week ago in Los Angeles:

US deports two European tourists over ‘destroy America’ tweet

This sure gives a rude jolt and sends an unambiguous message to world that America is watching each one of us and with utmost seriousness. The big eye sees it all.

It’s eerie and scary to realize that none is anonymous online. Each and every action can be tracked to the person responsible for it. Next time you want to say anything about America, you would really want to pause and think before hitting the button.

Let’s think a little futuristic. Now it’s only America, as far as we know. What happens when many other countries have the capacity and interest to do the same? Well, it’s always a good thing to watch out one’s words, be it on the Net or otherwise. But only in the case of “online”, the reach is practically unlimited. One can’t talk behind anyone’s back online anymore; one will be caught. 🙂 Text mining rocks!!!