Sense of humor

26 05 2016

I know many people in my circle believe that my “sense of humor” is mythical in nature at best and non-existent at worst. Well, I can’t truly say they are entirely wrong about that. In fact I myself am dubious about its existence sometimes. 😛 Do you know that Panchatantra tale in which a Brahmin carrying a goat is fooled by four thieves who, intent to rob him off the goat trick him into believing that he is carrying a dog instead of a goat (You can read it at Brahmin and the Crooks or watch it here.) ? The moral of the story is -“Untruth spoken repeatedly appears to be truth.”  I kind of feel like that Brahmin sometimes (many times??) 😛

I know it’s not much, and also it can be little weird sometimes. Nevertheless, it exists – a tiny speck in the deep recess of my personality which springs up occasionally, mostly when I’m among those few people with whom I feel comfortable with. And what’s more, people do resonate with it too. Believe it or not! (Melody, please vouch for this! :))

I just finished listening to Mindy Kaling’s Why Not Me?. And I loved it. I don’t know who she is and I never watch any shows on TV. Despite my ignorance and indifference, her memoir-like book engaged me. Her narration was absolutely delightful and I’m find myself repeating her phrases to myself long after I finished that book. I liked it right from the beginning, when she declared that it’s a feminine book. I like her humor. I like her style. I’m chuckling at some of her anecdotes even as I’m writing this. This doesn’t happen to me often but when it does, I totally appreciate the experience and the opportunity. I think her book is honest. And to the piece at the end on “confidence”, I say –  Mindy, you nailed it!

Hyperbole and a Half

18 09 2014


This very unconventional memoir with crudely drawn comics is a treat for everyone.  The book is essentially taken out of her blog of the same name. Check it out here.

As claimed by the author, the book contains :

  • Pictures (lots of them)
  • Words
  • Stories about things that happened to me
  • Stories about things that happened to other people because of me
  • Stories about dogs

The narration is absolutely witty, honest, sarcastic, and insightful. Sure it takes one back to one’s childhood. Never before encountered such a simple, realistic, and quirky account of little things that concern kids.

The 10-year old writes a letter to her future self and buries it her backyard. The only problem is that she is mostly concerned about her future tastes and temperament with dogs and above all she expects a reply from her future self.

Well, that’s something. 🙄

The episode of cake is hilarious. Her obsession with eating the cake is inspiration for every kid. 😛 I liked the story about her depression, the best. How people try to cheer you up in futile ways, when you are spiraling down into deep abyss is sarcastically depicted.

There are a number of other anecdotes too,  each one of them a jumble of humor, crudeness, shrewdness, and imagination.

It’s tough to describe in words what this book is like, and what it does to you. Feel free to get a copy or at least visit her blog to enjoy the unique experience.

Playing someone else

13 04 2013

Couldn’t help quoting Anuja Chauhan from her column in The Week’s March 31st issue.

Found it hilarious:

“The problem with this country is that everybody is busy trying to be everybody else. Salman Khan, who has got multiple criminal cases pending against him, is playing a dabangg super cop in movie after movie. Meanwhile, the real cops are turning into criminals.
Narendra Modi is talking like a CEO. Vijay Mallya is talking like a politician. Aamir Khan is talking like Rahul Gandhi should. And Rahul Gandhi is acting like Aamir Khan in that memory-loss movie, all wound up with angst and not sure which way to go.”

ROFL for the last sentence! 😆

Women’s safety

26 03 2013

Women's safety

A good start! 🙂

Image source: itimes (17th March, 2013)

Greedy mom

7 01 2012

The other day I was reading a story titled “Greedy Forester” to my son and he wanted to know what “greedy” means. Fair enough.

Me: See, you are greedy about toys; despite having many toys, you want more and more of them. This is greediness. Do you understand?

Son: Yes.

Me: So, can you tell me what is mom greedy about?

I held my breath eager to hear what he would say. I was curious both to know whether he got the meaning right and also to listen to his perception about me.

Without a moment’s hesitation, he said “Books”.

He hit the bull’s eye at one shot. Needless to say, I was delighted. Not only for the obvious reason but also because he didn’t notice or is unaware of my other, less noble, objects of greediness (clothes, shoes etc.). 🙂

A little prayer to God

2 01 2012

My Son: Devdaa naaku baaga chaduvu raavaali. Nuvvu okasaari Magadheera cinema choodali. (God, I must get good education. You have to watch Magadheera movie once.)

Context: That morning, he watched the movie from the start to finish at one go and apparently enjoyed it so much that he wanted God too to have the same experience. 😛


This or that?

19 04 2010

In various situations, we usually ask our son to choose between two options, in an effort to make him do what we want. For example, “Choose one: Do you want to watch the movie I play or do you want to go into the other room?” (Basically, we want him to allow us to watch the movie we are interested in). Typically, his answer would be – “I want to watch cartoons”. (A third choice which he actually wants and can sometimes be entirely unrelated to the choices offered to him.) It’s as if, he didn’t even hear our question. He simply doesn’t care. For a three-year old, he appears too clever for our tricks and seems to see through our tricks. Ha!

The conversation between my husband and my son went along similar lines last evening. My husband was making mental plans for his son’s future and decided to get the kid’s opinion to determine the direction of his dreams. The dialogue went as below:

Father: what do you like more – Playing guitar or Camera Shooting?
Son: Gun Shooting!

Father: Which one do you like more – Painting or Games?
Son: Mario (his latest cartoon favorite)


Sometimes, he deliberately gives funny answers. He gives wrong or improper answers to the most obvious questions and as we try to correct him or just nod our heads either in despair or puzzlement, he chuckles to himself. Like the times when he counts – 1,2,5; he calls an apple an orange; he addresses me as “nanna” and his father as “amma” etc. He draws great pleasure from these moments. In fact, this can be considered as his favorite sport and major source of amusement.

Sense of humor

21 12 2009

We are teaching our son  to say and remember our full legal names and keep asking him now and then what our names are.

The other day his answers were as below:

Q: What is Nanna’s name?

My son: Nanna Avvari

Q: What is Amma’s name?

My Son: Amma Avvari

He gives those answers deliberately and breaks into a hearty laugh, enjoying his own joke (and of course our amused expressions).

Who can guess that even two year olds have sense of humor?