Coyote hills

6 05 2017

A quiet and leisurely sunrise hike with college buddies is perhaps one of the good times one can experience amid the daily buzz. Coyote Hills after the recent abundant rainfall is green and lush, providing magnificent views all around. On this early April hike, we started around 6:30 am and parked just at the intersection of Paseo Padre Pkwy and Patterson Ranch Rd as the park is open only from 8 am. As soon as we slowly made our one mile long way into the park, we were greeted with the surreal sunrise.


And then we were completely taken away by a surprise appearance at the park’s visitor center:


I’m not entirely sure if it’s fortunate or unfortunate, but as we friends caught up with each other with some idle chat and some not, we weren’t entirely focused on the trails we followed. As far as I can recall, we did bits and pieces of Quail trail, Red Hill trail, Nike trail and Bayview trail.

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We saw a lot of snails on the trails.


Spot the animal here:


The best part is that the 8 miles we covered seemed to happen almost as a byproduct and the only reason we stopped hiking was the rising heat and our weekend family obligations beckoning us to return. 😛

Bucket list categories

28 12 2016



Sweet stories

16 04 2010

This week I had the pleasure of reading my first Telugu book of this year  – Poleramma Banda Kathalu by Mohammad Khadeer Babu. And God, what a book it is! It is a collection of 25 stories about 4 friends(boys) in their high school. The stories certainly make one nostalgic about one’s childhood and school days. And they are so hilarious. I usually read most of my books straight-faced, but I couldn’t stop chuckling to myself and often times laughed aloud while reading these awesome sweet stories.

These stories are in fact taken from the author’s life and can be considered as autobiographical.  All the stories take place in Kavali town of Nellore District and the title of the collection alludes to a landmark in the town.

The author has written the book in his native slang of Telugu (Nellore slang) and that makes the stories and also the characters all the more real (of course they are real, but what I meant to say is that the writing makes you connect to them more). Reading the book made me feel like I was watching the scenes from my window. My association with Nellore might also have helped. (Nellore has been my home town since I was in 9th grade.) 😛

It was very aptly compared to the modern Indian classic Swami and Friends by R K Narayan by one lady in the preface of the book.

I recommend this book to all Telugu readers. This one is not to be missed! And kudos to the author. He used to work for Andhra Jyothi (Newspaper & Weekly Magazine) at the time of writing these stories. I think he has also written another series of stories for the magazine, called Dargamitta Kathalu. I vaguely remember reading one of them long time back. Even though I don’t remember anything about it, I’m sure that series rocks too.

Friends forever

21 09 2009

I remember with a pang of nostalgia, my school and college days – the days which were dominated by friends, adventure and fun. Friends have always been a very important part of my life. When I think about it, I realize that I used to spend most of my time with or for friends.

It’s not surprising or unnatural and I’m sure it was this way for most people. The reason why I think about these things now is the sudden awareness about how different my life has become now  – how insignificant role friends/friendships play these days in my life. May be this is inevitable, with all the new responsibilities of life. But somehow at times I feel the void – the absence of a trusting friend, whom I can reach in happiness and sorrow.

I believe that a friend’s importance doesn’t change with time or phase of life. The only thing that changes is how it infiltrates our daily life. For me friendships formed during early days are the best. I’ve found that it’s almost impossible to replicate that passion and bonding with anyone later in life.

Back in old days, often friendships blossomed despite not consciously striving for them, but one can’t say the same thing about the situation now.Even if people don’t promise to remain friends forever, I doubt if any ever allowed themselves to think that their friendship will be just a brief affair.

Howmuchever we are consumed by the various duties and responsibilities and howmuchever we are pressed for time, it’s time to pick up the phone and dial your friend. Excuse me for being so dramatic, but what I want to emphasize is that we have to take make an effort and take that step to reach friends who are important, who can make a diference to us.

But of course, it takes two hands to clap.