Fun with movies

19 07 2012

Sakuni – a feel good movie. The hero wins with his intellect. The comedy track between the hero and his autodriver friend gives the movie a lighter note despite the serious theme. You won’t feel disappointed if you don’t expect anything radical. The usual “Tamil” flavor exists. Heroine is just ornamental, with unusually less screen time. But Praneetha looked very glamorous and pretty.

 Endukante Premanta (EP) – It’s an OK movie. Quite engaging and entertaining too. Has a supernatural element, which I think didn’t go well with the audience and hence their lukewarm response. I’m surprised why people who can easily accept and approve of slim built hero, usually supposed to be a common man, performing inconceivable stunts and win over dozens of heavily built, tough-looking bad guys, can’t accept certain things. May be they don’t go well with one’s fantasies and innate hidden desires. I would like to understand the psychology behind this. Or may be the movie genuinely lacked something important. Coming back to EP, it’s directed well and logically linked (can’t expect anything less of Karunakaran). Went with zero expectations and wasn’t disappointed. The reason to go for it in the first place is the star cast and the basic expectation of it being a “youth” film.

Cocktail – Loved the movie, though I would have to say that it’s not a perfect one. The first one hour or so seemed more like a documentary with disconnected scenes. The movie gets much better after the interval. I love Deepika and she is absolutely awesome in Cocktail. Her smile lights up the screen. It seems so natural and genuine that it’s a pleasure in itself to watch it. Diana Penty is good. She has considerable resemblance to Sonam Kapoor and also Samantha. It was fun watching the movie. Definitely would like to watch it again. To say something about the subject and characterization, the treatment is mature and the plot reflects and addresses contemporary issues.I have my doubts and questions about various things portrayed and dealt with in the movie, which I choose to save for another day.

Lafangey Parindey

4 09 2010

Just a few words about this movie:

Well, it’s an OK movie. But the leading stars, with their charisma and performance, elevated it to greater heights.  The climax was disappointing though. I don’t know what I was expecting but  the usual filmy way the movie ended compelled me to jerk off the powerful magnetic force of Deepika and Nitin and consider the movie with as much a critical eye as I can manage. I could only come to one easy conclusion: if the film casted some other hero and/or heroine, it wouldn’t be so appealing.

Deepika was fantastic. It’s as if I admire her more with each movie. I like the way she carries herself. I can’t help feeling awe at how so different she is from other Bollywood actresses.  A big relief. Though I watched a couple of Nitin’s movies before (Jonny Gaddar, New York), I didn’t really pay much attention to his acting skills. At last he got me impressed in Lafangey Parindey. 🙂

One thing that escaped my understanding was that when a person gets hit by a SUV, how is it possible that the person just loses the eyesight(with the eyes in perfect shape) with no other serious damage?

Love Aaj Kal (Bollywood movie)

30 08 2009

Watched ‘Love Aaj Kal’ yesterday. I loved it. I guess it would remain as one of the few ‘close to the heart’ movies of mine. The movie is all about how the lead characters, Jai and Meera, discovered their love for each other.

Here is the basic plot:

Jai(Saif) and Meera(Deepika) decide to break up after 2 years of being together as boyfriend-girlfriend when their careers destine them to different countries. They feel that long distance relationships rarely work and mutually agree for the breakup. They continue to be in constant touch as they move on and find new partners.  Ironically, they realize how much more they enjoy each other’s company after their breakup.  But when Meera agrees for marriage with her current boyfriend, Jai and Meera go through a second breakup – this time putting an end to all contact. At Meera’s marriage, Jai babbles through his uneasiness that if only she could have asked him, he would have married her long ago. He finds it difficult to digest the fact that she will be married in a few minutes.  The very next day after her marriage, Meera walks out on her new husband claiming that she is not able to get Jai out of her mind – she is in love with Jai. When Meera calls Jai to let him know, she finds Jai all excited about his job offer in his dream company. So, she just decides to wait for Jai to realize his love and return to her, which he does in the end.

Oh, quite a story.. Isn’t it?

Actually, there is another thread parallel to the above story – love story of a coffee shop owner, Veer Singh, back in 1960s. Veer Singh falls in love with a girl in his neighborhood, pines for her, pursues her with single-mindedness and finally marries her.  As he narrates his story to Jai, he says a few words about the current generation’s attitude towards ‘Love’ in contrast to his generation.

  • These days, people have so many options. But back then, there was no option in the matter of ‘love’.
  • The hearts of today’s youngsters are filled with so many things that it has become difficult for ‘Love’ to squeeze in.

I think an important reason for me liking the movie, besides the story and direction, is Deepika. She was perfect as Meera. She seemed so natural. I’ve seen 3 of her movies till date – Om Shanti Om, Bachna Yeh Haseeno and Love Aaj Kal – and have been awed by the way she carries herself.  She seems very independent, straight-forward and at the same time very graceful. I guess she is my new favorite.

When I heard that Kareena had actually wanted to do this role, I could only say ‘Yuck!’ Thank god, she didn’t do it. Otherwise the whole character of Meera would have come out very differently.

Chor Bazaari (absolutely loved it) and Dooriyah are my favorite songs from the movie.Enjoy them here:

Before wrapping up, here is my favorite dialogue from the movie:

“Tum hameshaa sahee kehte ho, jaaneman!” ( Jai often says to Meera)

In English: “You always say the right thing, darling!”

It’s not the actual dialogue, but the context and the way Saif says it makes it very endearing.

This is a movie to be felt. Beautifully made. Kudos to Imtiaz!

Title: Lovie Aaj Kal (Love These Days); Starring: Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone; Direction: Imtiaz Ali; Music: Pritam