Shuddh Desi Romance

6 05 2014


Got to watch this movie this weekend. Remember hearing positive reviews from friends about it back when it got released. But frankly, after watching the movie now, I don’t know what to say. For one thing, it’s bold. 🙂

Despite the risk of having dismissed as being from old school, I must say I found the movie irritating. What’s the whole point? I can think of a few:

  • It’s ok to be confused
  • Follow your heart even if it’s confused
  • Take forever to make up one’s mind
  • It’s ok to be irresponsible and commitment phobic
  • It’s ok to keep on acting on impulses until you have realized what’s in your heart and make up your mind about it, if it ever happens

I’m not saying that marriage is the holy grail and one should go for it, no matter what, or that the sooner, the better. I am pretty aware of why many youngsters today are skeptical about marriage and are afraid to take the plunge. Rightly so, I must admit, given the long term and intense repercussions in case of a misjudgment.

But backing off from marriage even after finding the right person – I have really hard time trying to fathom it. Agreed that things can go wrong after marriage, even with the person you (think you)  love, but it doesn’t mean that the alternative of living together – with confusion and commitment phobia – guarantees you better things. It’s only an illusion of happiness. True happiness comes only from commitment and responsibility, in the absence of which there  are always the demons of uncertainty and insecurity towering over you.

Think guys, there must be a reason why the institution of marriage has lasted so long! Fix it, do not throw it away!

PS: Personally, I think that the hero got lot more than he deserved. Just look at him! God! 🙄

Shaadi Ke Side Effects

6 03 2014

Warning: This is a spoiler!


It’s a decent movie depicting a very real issue in today’s marriages. Well made. Begins with a good and interesting beginning. Takes you through captivating narration until the break. The second half loses its sheen a trifle as it begins but eventually gets better towards the end.

Hmm.. What kind of a cryptic review is this! Phew!!!

Anyways, I have only one point to make about the movie. The urge was too much to resist and hence this unplanned post. 😛

I didn’t really understand why the sensible Mrs. Roy made too much of Mr. Roy’s  secret life. I didn’t understand why didn’t she think about why it happened in the first place? I was disappointed in her.

Whatever Mr. Roy’s intentions were, his response to her mistake/wrong was commendable. He feels that his behavior/absence has made her do it. It may be true or not, but the point is he was thinking about “why she might have done it”.

I don’t condone Mr. Roy’s actions completely, but it’s obvious that she ignored him all the while after the baby happened. She excluded him from her and the baby. She turned into a mother and forgot to be a wife.

In Little women, when Meg does the same mistake – by engrossing too much into the twins, leaving John lonely, John seeks solace in his guy friends and company.  They quarrel a lot.  But there, Marmee comes to the rescue by pointing out to Meg her folly and reminding her of her priorities.

But in this movie, no such realization happens. Mr. Roy is the only bad guy here.  😦

I wonder how come such an age-old wisdom escapes the filmmakers. Maybe they didn’t want it to be too preachy. But if so, what’s the whole point? In the end I’m confused about what’s the movie is trying to convey – what did Mr. Roy learn??

I would rather have Mr. Roy realize this: that it’s not easy to be a new mom. It’s highly stressful – both physically and emotionally. He should be really patient and understanding, and not abscond at the sign of discomfort.

And what about the last scene??  Didn’t she abhor the exact same act of her husband?? 🙄

I completely agree that the “me time” is essential for everyone. Mrs. Roy needs it just as much as Mr. Roy. She let herself lose in the new responsibility  so much and for so long that sooner or later a time came when she really needed a break – just as Meg did in Little Women.

I am all for the “me time” because it’s rejuvenating. But it can also be had with mutual knowledge. Why the need for secrecy, if not for the extra thrill?  😛 Of course, the former works only when each party is understanding and sensible to the other.

The attacks of 26/11

8 04 2013


Ram Gopal Varma’s brilliant portrayal of real incidents surrounding Mumbai terror attacks of 26/11/2008 leaves everyone deeply disturbed. Even though no amount of imagination, empathy, or even a true depiction of terror/horror in the form of art/media can truly emulate the experience of it, Varma’s film provides the closest glimpse of the tragedy.

It is very difficult not to gasp at the sheer horror of the incident; the ruthlessness, the hatred, and  the audacity of the perpetrators. It is impossible not to shed tears at the lost lives of many innocent people, including little children. How would one react to being in the midst of  a massacre’s aftermath – with dead bodies spewed all around? May be by letting out a loud heart-wrenching wail – just like that policeman at CS Terminal.

Salute to the brave policemen who ventured forward and got killed for that. Salute to people amidst the tragedy who tried to save others despite the risk. Salute to that receptionist of Taj who reached for a wailing child and got instantly killed for her efforts. Salute to that doctor in CAMA hospital who saved so many people, who could respond to the killing of an elderly patient despite the guns aimed at him.

Above all, salute to the Joint Commissioner of Police, who handled the situation well. He expressed exactly my thoughts when he said: “What kind of hatred is this? Can you understand it?” The kind of pleasure the terrorists take in killing people is just unbelievable. Kasab’s explanation on why they do it (I think I need not reiterate here, it’s anybody’s guess) are outright stupid, if not for the countless lives they took and the terror they created all over the world.  I believe that the commissioner’s reply to Kasab in the mortuary reflect the feelings of every true Indian.

People do inconceivable things when they are drunk, are under certain influence which numbs their senses, emotions and conscience. And these people are drunk on distorted religion. Misguided fanaticism is what makes them do extreme things. These particular terrorists are dogs, just as the Joint Commissioner remarked. I say, mad dogs set loose with weapons.

I seriously fail to understand when and where has it all started. What do their leaders really want to accomplish? Do they want to kill everybody who they “think” oppose their religion? Do they want to make a graveyard of this world?   I fail to make sense of their ultimate goal. Does the top person, really believes that what he/she is doing is sacred/justified? Isn’t it madness? Is terrorism the consequence of one man’s madness?

I really hope that the real Kasab has gone through the same horror at the anticipation and face of death as shown in the movie; that he has not gone to the gallows with pride feeling himself as a martyr.

Nana Patekar was brilliant and so were each of the other actors. Once again, Varma – great movie.


27 04 2012

Watched this movie last night. I’ve been hearing mixed reviews about it right since the beginning and at last got curious enough to want to judge it myself. One of the reasons why I wasn’t so eager to watch it before could be that I don’t hold a particularly good impression of Ranbir. Something about the characters he portrayed in the first two movies of him that I watched (Bachna ae Haseeno, Wake Up Sid) and my conception of his off-screen attitude didn’t sit well with me and I’ve taken a kind of dislike to him. And also may be I didn’t take his break-up with Deepika (whom I admire) too well. 😛 Though it’s a fact that the personal stuff of celebrities gets discussed around a lot, on the face of it, it seems a bit silly to me that I let it affect me the way it does. 😛

Coming to the movie, it appealed to me very much. And what’s more, I finally gave into the charm of Ranbir. He is a good performer and appears dashing on screen. I really liked him in this movie. This film is about an artist and the role of music and love in his life.

Artists think and live at a different level, making them enigmatic to others. An artist’s mind typically holds a lot of romantic attraction for others. All seems attractive on screen and in fiction but at a practical level, many would find it very difficult to truly understand them or be part of their lives. Only very few can make it. Because in reality, no one gives us the privilege of letting us know what’s happening in their mind.  May be only an artist can truly understand another artist. For one to understand them completely, one needs to view things through their lens, think from their level. We can’t comprehend them well from our own frame of reference. While it’s true with anyone, the chasm between the artists and others is usually wider.

A true artist, by the virtue of his romantic nature, is usually a passionate and intense lover. The love between Ranbir and Nargis was beautifully depicted in the movie. There exists a deeper connect between the two, something which overtakes them. They fit like pieces of jig saw puzzle. They feel helpless before the “love, passion, or whatever” between them that at certain point nothing could hold them apart. I found it amazing how she opened up to him the first time (about “Jungli Jawaani” 😉 ) and how effortlessly everything else followed.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field.”  – Rumi

Everyone seeks such an intense love and long for such a person in his/her life, but more often than not they are met with disappointment. In fact, many people search for it all through their lives in vain. The problem is that one cannot will it to happen or intervene in any manner in the process; it happens only if and when it happens. Such an intense feeling/emotion/relationship is usually like ‘elixir of life’ to many. The sheer rarity of such an occurrence and the pain and struggle one undergoes in one’s longing for it, gave rise to some practical notions like – no one can make you complete; there’s no “Mr. Right” etc. Nevertheless, the quest continues ceaselessly.

On hindsight, I feel that I didn’t watch the movie with the attention it deserved. I guess some movies are meant to be watched in appropriate and relaxed mood, with nothing to distract you. Will definitely try to watch Rockstar again soon.


31 10 2011

Don’t know what to say. I’m so disappointed by this much hyped and much awaited movie from King Khan. I haven’t got much expectation from it to begin with, but I really hoped that it would not be as embarrassing as MNIK was. When confronted by the open ticket counters at showtime on the weekend after its release, it seemed like my worst fears have come true.

The graphics are really awesome and the storyline itself is promising. But the filmmakers’ overemphasis on the technology part, ignoring other more important aspects has brought down its doom. The emotional and sentimental elements haven’t been treated well. In fact they barely touch you, leaving you bored to death (can’t help being dramatic :-P). There is actually a lot of scope to make the movie more interesting. The relationships could have been elevated more, especially between the father and the son . Also, the scenes between G.One and Kareena are so awkward. The indecipherable expressions of Kareena don’t help much either.

In the end, one can’t help assuming that the story has been cooked up for the sake of graphics and not the other way around. Take the case of Robot: there, the story doesn’t feel threatened by the technology; technology, or rather graphics, become part of the story, which is how it ought to be. The cast, the characters, the music, and a whole lot other things made it a success, not just the graphics.

Coming back to Ra.One, some of the pathetic attempts at humor only make one to sigh in despair. There is a chance for sensitive audience to even feel insulted. The audience have grown up. The decade-old gimmicks don’t work now. Filmmakers, you need to grow up too.

I must mention the background score. It was mind-blowing. But the songs aren’t all very catchy. I liked a couple of them though.

The guest appearance of Rajini Kanth is really wasted. It is too short, too abrupt and doesn’t really serve any purpose. Also, I couldn’t understand what really happened between Chitti and G.One, if anything happened at all in the first place. 😛

Ra.One fails to emulate the success of Robot for these and quite possibly many other reasons. I really feel sorry for the producers.

PS: This is a hard one to write, being a hardcore fan of Shahrukh. 😦

Break Ke Baad

9 07 2011

Note: This is not a review. I know it’s too late to give one. Having seen it only recently, I just wanted to express some of my thoughts on it. I guess the following makes complete sense only to those who have already watched the movie.

Watched Break Ke Baad yesterday on TV. When I caught a few scenes of the movie much earlier, I got distinctly irritated by Aliya’s (Deepika Padukone) stupid behavior and didn’t quite understand why Abhay (Imran Khan) was being so good. But when I took time to watch the movie yesterday, I began to have a much broader perspective of the characters.

I realized her passion and her courage to chase her dreams. I admire her for it. But what kind of a foolish person will afford to lose such a committed, loving and caring boyfriend? That’s definitely stupid of her. It was well pointed out that she chose to run away from her problems instead of trying to resolving them and she didn’t have her priorities set right. The biggest problem is that she has taken Abhay so granted that she failed to realize what and how much he means to her and her life.

Talking about Abhay, I was bowled over by the character. Can this man be real? How can a person be so committed, despite having been told on the face to f* back off? I didn’t get to follow the part where Abhay admits to his own problems or some similar sort of thing. Whatever his personal issues are, I still feel that it’s a rarity for a person to have so much clarity with regard to relationships, especially for a man.  I don’t mean any offence to menfolk but it’s just that my observation so far has been that usually women act more maturely in relationships compared to men of the same age. Well, of course there are always exceptions.

I really liked the parts where Aliya returns to India cancelling the contract when she realizes how upset her mom had been (it shows that she is not totally selfish and blind to everything else other than her goal) and where her mom gives her assent to go and pursue her  dreams and apologies for trying to pull her back from living her life. Totally loved Ayisha’s (Sharmila Tagore) words over there.

I especially liked the following dialogue by Sharmila to Deepika:

People don’t love you because you are special; you are special because you have people who love you around you.

Lafangey Parindey

4 09 2010

Just a few words about this movie:

Well, it’s an OK movie. But the leading stars, with their charisma and performance, elevated it to greater heights.  The climax was disappointing though. I don’t know what I was expecting but  the usual filmy way the movie ended compelled me to jerk off the powerful magnetic force of Deepika and Nitin and consider the movie with as much a critical eye as I can manage. I could only come to one easy conclusion: if the film casted some other hero and/or heroine, it wouldn’t be so appealing.

Deepika was fantastic. It’s as if I admire her more with each movie. I like the way she carries herself. I can’t help feeling awe at how so different she is from other Bollywood actresses.  A big relief. Though I watched a couple of Nitin’s movies before (Jonny Gaddar, New York), I didn’t really pay much attention to his acting skills. At last he got me impressed in Lafangey Parindey. 🙂

One thing that escaped my understanding was that when a person gets hit by a SUV, how is it possible that the person just loses the eyesight(with the eyes in perfect shape) with no other serious damage?