Jar of Hearts

8 01 2015

When I first heard the song “Jar of Hearts” by Christina Perri, I found it very amusing. But not because it is funny, of course. It is for the fact that a song is actually written to rebuke someone. But it’s done so beautifully.

And who do you think you are?

Runnin’ ’round leaving scars

Collecting your jar of hearts

Tearing love apart

You’re gonna catch a cold

From the ice inside your soul

Don’t come back for me

Don’t come back at all

Who do you think you are?

Lyrics credit: azlyrics

Every time I listen to the above lines, I marvel and smile.

Hello, I’m back!

16 03 2010

I’m back. I missed blogging. It feels like I’ve missed talking to a friend.

The past two months had been grueling for me and the Data Analysis course I took this quarter was the culprit. To cut a long story short, the course sucked. This was the course in which we had to work on the Battle of Britain business case. Though the idea seemed interesting at first, the way the instructor handled it coupled with little or no instruction/help and unrealistic expectations, quickly turned it into a nightmare. You can’t imagine how relieved I was to attend the last class for that course. I felt like a school girl rejoicing at the prospect of summer holidays after annual exams. 🙂

With those troubles behind me, I am set to enjoy my two week break before the Spring course begins. In fact, I’m awaiting the upcoming course with much anticipation. This time, I’m prudent enough to take only one course.

Last weekend I managed to read a short novel called ‘The Breeze from River Manjeera‘ by Hema Macherla and it felt good to spend time reading fiction after a long time. I read about the author in some magazine or newspaper some time back. She went to UK after marriage, learnt English, took literary classes and became a writer. Her life inspired and impressed me and I was curious to read her work. It’s good. I don’t say that it’s a masterpiece or that it compares to great works but the novel is a decent attempt. It’s definitely not badly written. It’s the usual story of a woman immigrating to UK after marriage and having been treated badly by her husband and in-laws, she struggles to become independent and successful.

Something else too filled me with joy last week – it’s the soul stirring music of AR Rahman for the movie Em Maya Chesavo. I always find it hard to explain the nature and depth of intense bliss and joy that some music brings to my heart and it is no different this time. The song – ‘Ee hrudayam‘ is so damn good, I still can’t get enough of listening to it. ‘Manasa..‘ is another awesome song. I even loved the melody ‘Vintunnava…‘ So it’s all “AR Rahmania” for me at present. I watched the movie in bits and pieces which did not help me to appreciate it fully. But with young and fresh faces, different treatment, a touch of class and able handling of subtle idiosyncrasies, I can say it’s a good movie.

Mickey music

5 01 2010

These days I’ve taken to watching cartoons along with my son and quite to my surprise I found myself enjoying them a lot. My son’s current obsession is Mickey Mouse.  I observed that they are highly musical and I’m enchanted by the scores.

This one is my favorite:

I also like this:

And I just  love the score in the following video(especially for the first half minute):

Zoobi doobi

6 12 2009

Zoobi Doobi from 3 Idiots is my new favorite. The music is so catchy and uplifting (and of course romantic too). Sonu Nigam and Shreya Goshal are absolutely awesome. I feel that the song wouldn’t have been so appealing if not for them.
Listen to it here:

I even liked the picturization. The theme colors – blue, pink and white – are very soothing. In the video, I couldn’t help notice how old Amir looks (of course not more than his age). I’ll definitely find it a bit difficult to see Amir as a 20 year old IIT student in the movie. Also Kareena looks good. I never like her, but these days I’m noticing that she has grown really beautiful. Is it the magic of love? Can be. But I like to believe that it’s age. In my opinion, women look their best in their late twenties. (Some say that 30 is their pinnacle point.)

I remember enjoying reading Five Point Someone (on which 3Idiots is based on) two years ago and very much look forward to watch the movie. Even though there were some stupid scenes, overall it’s by far the best book by Chetan Bhagat. Zoobi Doobi reminded me of the chemistry between Hari and Neha in the novel.

Whatever may be the literary value of chetan’s books, he sure is making India read like never before. One reason might be because he usually chooses the subjects and characters that the current youth can immediately relate to. Anyways, I hope he writes better books in future.

The energy and magic in Zoobi Doobi fills me with joy and excitement. The song transports me to my adolescent days, as long as it lasts.

Music musings

22 10 2009

Note: This post makes more sense to Telugu-speaking people and/or Telugu movie buffs

It is very true that light without darkness or happiness without occasional sorrow cannot be appreciated much. Also, the worthiness or value of any object or person can be perceived well only when it is compared with something or someone else. It sometimes happens that we don’t appreciate a trait or talent in any person if there is not much scope for comparison.

The same thing happened to me about the singing talent of S.P. Balu and Chitra. If anyone of you remember, some 15 years ago or more (definitely well before the Rahman’s entry), most of the songs in most of the films were sung by this duo. There used to be little variety. I used to wonder why these guys monopolized telugu film music! Apparently, I took their talent for granted and refused to believe that they have far superior talent than most. But not these days, after listening to so many new singers. I don’t mean to say that others aren’t talented enough, but definitely Balu and Chitra outshine most of the present singers.

It is obvious in some cases like the beautiful song in Tulasi movie, “Nee Kalla thoti” which was sang by Chitra and Sagar. The difference between the singing can be easily perceived. Whenever I listen to that song, I feel that Sagar has spoiled it. He doesn’t deserve to sing with Chitra. However much, I love that song and Chitra’s singing in it, I fail to enjoy the track completely because of him.

Listen to it here: [I know the video is distracting but try to concentrate on the audio 🙂 ]

Also by Chitra is the most recent one in Kalavaramaaye Madilo, wow… she was awesome:

And there is a song in Athadu movie – “Neetho cheppana” sang by Balu and Chitra. In my opinion, it’s not by far the best track of the album, but I’m convinced that the singers made it very special (at least to me). Every time I listen to it, I can’t help making a tribute to both of them. I like to believe that the only reason I like to listen to that song is its singers. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the sweetness of their voices in this song melts my heart.

Here it is for you:

A couple of more examples, where I really stop while listening and take time to appreciate the singing:

Love Aaj Kal (Bollywood movie)

30 08 2009

Watched ‘Love Aaj Kal’ yesterday. I loved it. I guess it would remain as one of the few ‘close to the heart’ movies of mine. The movie is all about how the lead characters, Jai and Meera, discovered their love for each other.

Here is the basic plot:

Jai(Saif) and Meera(Deepika) decide to break up after 2 years of being together as boyfriend-girlfriend when their careers destine them to different countries. They feel that long distance relationships rarely work and mutually agree for the breakup. They continue to be in constant touch as they move on and find new partners.  Ironically, they realize how much more they enjoy each other’s company after their breakup.  But when Meera agrees for marriage with her current boyfriend, Jai and Meera go through a second breakup – this time putting an end to all contact. At Meera’s marriage, Jai babbles through his uneasiness that if only she could have asked him, he would have married her long ago. He finds it difficult to digest the fact that she will be married in a few minutes.  The very next day after her marriage, Meera walks out on her new husband claiming that she is not able to get Jai out of her mind – she is in love with Jai. When Meera calls Jai to let him know, she finds Jai all excited about his job offer in his dream company. So, she just decides to wait for Jai to realize his love and return to her, which he does in the end.

Oh, quite a story.. Isn’t it?

Actually, there is another thread parallel to the above story – love story of a coffee shop owner, Veer Singh, back in 1960s. Veer Singh falls in love with a girl in his neighborhood, pines for her, pursues her with single-mindedness and finally marries her.  As he narrates his story to Jai, he says a few words about the current generation’s attitude towards ‘Love’ in contrast to his generation.

  • These days, people have so many options. But back then, there was no option in the matter of ‘love’.
  • The hearts of today’s youngsters are filled with so many things that it has become difficult for ‘Love’ to squeeze in.

I think an important reason for me liking the movie, besides the story and direction, is Deepika. She was perfect as Meera. She seemed so natural. I’ve seen 3 of her movies till date – Om Shanti Om, Bachna Yeh Haseeno and Love Aaj Kal – and have been awed by the way she carries herself.  She seems very independent, straight-forward and at the same time very graceful. I guess she is my new favorite.

When I heard that Kareena had actually wanted to do this role, I could only say ‘Yuck!’ Thank god, she didn’t do it. Otherwise the whole character of Meera would have come out very differently.

Chor Bazaari (absolutely loved it) and Dooriyah are my favorite songs from the movie.Enjoy them here:

Before wrapping up, here is my favorite dialogue from the movie:

“Tum hameshaa sahee kehte ho, jaaneman!” ( Jai often says to Meera)

In English: “You always say the right thing, darling!”

It’s not the actual dialogue, but the context and the way Saif says it makes it very endearing.

This is a movie to be felt. Beautifully made. Kudos to Imtiaz!

Title: Lovie Aaj Kal (Love These Days); Starring: Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone; Direction: Imtiaz Ali; Music: Pritam


27 04 2009

Another song I’m hooked up with these days is “Wrong” by Depeche Mode.  I found it energetic, though the lyrics are a bit depressing.



I was born with the wrong sign

In the wrong house

With the wrong ascendancy

I took the wrong road

That led to the wrong tendencies

I was in the wrong place at the wrong time

For the wrong reason and the wrong rhyme

On the wrong day of the wrong week

I used the wrong method with the wrong technique





There’s something wrong with me chemically

Something wrong with me inherently

The wrong mix in the wrong genes

I reached the wrong ends by the wrong means

It was the wrong plan

In the wrong hands

The wrong theory for the wrong man

The wrong eyes on the wrong prize

The wrong questions with the wrong replies





I was marching to the wrong drum

With the wrong scum

Pissing out the wrong energy

Using all the wrong lines

And the wrong signs

With the wrong intensity

I was on the wrong page of the wrong book

With the wrong rendition of the wrong hook

Made the wrong move, every wrong night

With the wrong tune played till it sounded right yeah




(Too long)


(Too long)


I was born with the wrong sign

In the wrong house

With the wrong ascendancy

I took the wrong road

That led to the wrong tendencies

I was in the wrong place at the wrong time

For the wrong reason and the wrong rhyme

On the wrong day of the wrong week

I used the wrong method with the wrong technique