27 04 2012

Watched this movie last night. I’ve been hearing mixed reviews about it right since the beginning and at last got curious enough to want to judge it myself. One of the reasons why I wasn’t so eager to watch it before could be that I don’t hold a particularly good impression of Ranbir. Something about the characters he portrayed in the first two movies of him that I watched (Bachna ae Haseeno, Wake Up Sid) and my conception of his off-screen attitude didn’t sit well with me and I’ve taken a kind of dislike to him. And also may be I didn’t take his break-up with Deepika (whom I admire) too well. 😛 Though it’s a fact that the personal stuff of celebrities gets discussed around a lot, on the face of it, it seems a bit silly to me that I let it affect me the way it does. 😛

Coming to the movie, it appealed to me very much. And what’s more, I finally gave into the charm of Ranbir. He is a good performer and appears dashing on screen. I really liked him in this movie. This film is about an artist and the role of music and love in his life.

Artists think and live at a different level, making them enigmatic to others. An artist’s mind typically holds a lot of romantic attraction for others. All seems attractive on screen and in fiction but at a practical level, many would find it very difficult to truly understand them or be part of their lives. Only very few can make it. Because in reality, no one gives us the privilege of letting us know what’s happening in their mind.  May be only an artist can truly understand another artist. For one to understand them completely, one needs to view things through their lens, think from their level. We can’t comprehend them well from our own frame of reference. While it’s true with anyone, the chasm between the artists and others is usually wider.

A true artist, by the virtue of his romantic nature, is usually a passionate and intense lover. The love between Ranbir and Nargis was beautifully depicted in the movie. There exists a deeper connect between the two, something which overtakes them. They fit like pieces of jig saw puzzle. They feel helpless before the “love, passion, or whatever” between them that at certain point nothing could hold them apart. I found it amazing how she opened up to him the first time (about “Jungli Jawaani” 😉 ) and how effortlessly everything else followed.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field.”  – Rumi

Everyone seeks such an intense love and long for such a person in his/her life, but more often than not they are met with disappointment. In fact, many people search for it all through their lives in vain. The problem is that one cannot will it to happen or intervene in any manner in the process; it happens only if and when it happens. Such an intense feeling/emotion/relationship is usually like ‘elixir of life’ to many. The sheer rarity of such an occurrence and the pain and struggle one undergoes in one’s longing for it, gave rise to some practical notions like – no one can make you complete; there’s no “Mr. Right” etc. Nevertheless, the quest continues ceaselessly.

On hindsight, I feel that I didn’t watch the movie with the attention it deserved. I guess some movies are meant to be watched in appropriate and relaxed mood, with nothing to distract you. Will definitely try to watch Rockstar again soon.



21 01 2012

Puri and Mahesh did it again. Businessman may not raise as high an uproar as Pokiri, but is good and special in its own way. I found it quite a serious movie providing enough adrenaline rush to the audience as the hero climbs up the success ladder in the business of crime. It’s a kind of universal law that a hero always does right and conversely, anything that a hero does can be justified to be right. Keeping aside the debate about the effects and role of mafia on the society, films made about the underworld aren’t very uncommon, both nationally and internationally. We all loved the empire of The God Father and also the invincibility of our own Don, without any reservations whatsoever. Businessman falls into the similar line but as one expects, the story, treatment, and dialogues are new and refreshing.

As in all kinds of stories/movies, there is a love track in this movie. The hero originally traps the heroine  to serve as an ace up his sleeve in case he gets cornered by her commissioner father, but realizes at a crucial moment that he has really fallen for her and that she means a lot to him. On her part, the heroine, though initially got deeply distressed on knowing the truth about the hero, can’t really be able to get over him and succumbs to his charms. I would have found this track truly “filmy” (read “highly impractical”) and it would have affected my reaction to the movie on the whole. But, as it happened, I read a book called “Mafia Queens of Mumbai” a few months back, which is a collection of real-life stories of the notable gangsters and underworld giants. In that book, I found lot many love stories and affairs, which are not dissimilar to the one mentioned above.

Earlier, in my naivety and ignorance, I used to think that people are either white or black and the so called “bad people” or “villains” are by design unable to do anything remotely sensitive. The thought of them being in love with a woman in a true sense is something I had trouble even imagining. It is easy to guess the reason for my stereotype thoughts – the underlying messages that have been drilled into our minds ever since the childhood through moral stories, epics, movies etc, establish the same thing -that there are good people and there are bad people and that they have almost nothing in common. Being a simple unsuspecting soul by nature, I continued believing it even until recently, which I admit is not actually a thing to be proud of but on the contrary, should be (or rather, is) a source of my chagrin.

The music is not too good. Liked only a couple of songs. It’s neither the first instance that the tunes have been copied nor will it be the last but to discover the act even before one got to listen to the songs for the first time kind of dilutes one’s possible enjoyment of the music. Despite that, I loved the “Pilla Chao” song. Picking the Lion King’s song for copying, is something I feel is stupid. Borrowing from such a well-known track – I think that’s too audacious of Thaman. The song isn’t very melodic and when made into a Telugu song, except the chorus bit everything else kind of made no impact on me. (I love all songs from Lion King though.) I loved the background score. Kajal looked very glamorous in this movie. The songs were picturesque and I absolutely loved the costumes of Mahesh in “Pilla Chao”.

Sri Rama Rajyam

15 12 2011

This beautiful rendition of the great epic by Bapu is just fabulous. Each frame is beautiful. The graphics worked well. Everyone did justice to their roles. Nayantara as Sita stole the show. She was simply astounding. I was really surprised and delighted to watch her awesome performance. Illayaraja’s music was soothing, melodious and apt. His melodies have a distinct sweetness that others cannot quite emulate.

Despite the unanswered questions regarding the treatment of Sita (a few of my thoughts on this here), the charm of Ramayana holds good to me even to this day. It was my favorite childhood read and I never get tired to reading/listenting to/watching the epic tale. It is a story which tells one what to do and how to do, unlike its sister epic Mahabharatha, which tells one what not to do.

Reading Ramayana brings peace as it primarily presents the good and positive elements of life. It is worthy to note that the movie recognized the injustice rendered to Sita and had not attempted to justify it. Given that it happened/written during a time when woman’s role was strictly defined and confined, it is no surprise that the events unfolded in such a way. But having the god incarnation himself to behave so is something that is not easily digestible for those who believe in absolute. I’m not suggesting any alternative course for Rama, and not sure even if such a thing exists given the circumstances. Could it be possible for him to be just to both his wife and his people? My immediate thought was to make him stand up for what he believes – he believes in his wife and he loves her – and somehow make people understand it. But even as I was thinking so, I knew it’s not easy to change a deep-rooted conviction even when God wishes it. There is no evidence that the change had indeed took place, though the people of the kingdom were exasperated and repented at the gloomy state of their king. In this regard, I’m not sure whether Ramayana had been successful in making people change their beliefs. While the kind of love and devotion between the couple is inspiring to all, the trials that Sita had to undergo, with no error of hers, can indeed be perceived as a failure of Rama.

Sita has a very significant role in our tradition and she is deemed as a perfect being whom every woman should try to emulate. I wonder to what extent her personality still holds significance!

Oh My Friend!

20 11 2011

Been to this youthful movie last week. It was good. For me, the best thing about the movie is Sruthi Hassan. She looks damn beautiful in blue kurthis  with bindi and loose hair. Her acting too is decent. In fact I felt it’s better than many of her contemporaries – Samantha, Illeana, Kajal, Tamanna. She is cute, delicate, talented and confident in her own skin. Her body language exudes an exquisiteness that I didn’t find in any other heroine in the current times. Even though I saw her before in Anaganaga Oka Dheerudu, this movie presented her in a better light.

Coming to the story,  it’s about friendship between a girl and a boy. It asserts through its two principal characters – Siri and Chandu – that it’s possible for  two people of opposite sexes to be friends forever. Well, I personally believe that it’s one in a million phenomenon but that doesn’t make it unworthy of being portrayed on screen for the audience. In fact, the same sentiment has been depicted way long back in Iddaru Mitrulu but somehow these two movies seem to me like a sea apart. ‘Oh My Friend!” film is made well. The music too is reasonably good. Despite all the above, I’m not sure whether I would like to watch it again soon. 🙂 Not everyone can connect to it.


31 10 2011

Don’t know what to say. I’m so disappointed by this much hyped and much awaited movie from King Khan. I haven’t got much expectation from it to begin with, but I really hoped that it would not be as embarrassing as MNIK was. When confronted by the open ticket counters at showtime on the weekend after its release, it seemed like my worst fears have come true.

The graphics are really awesome and the storyline itself is promising. But the filmmakers’ overemphasis on the technology part, ignoring other more important aspects has brought down its doom. The emotional and sentimental elements haven’t been treated well. In fact they barely touch you, leaving you bored to death (can’t help being dramatic :-P). There is actually a lot of scope to make the movie more interesting. The relationships could have been elevated more, especially between the father and the son . Also, the scenes between G.One and Kareena are so awkward. The indecipherable expressions of Kareena don’t help much either.

In the end, one can’t help assuming that the story has been cooked up for the sake of graphics and not the other way around. Take the case of Robot: there, the story doesn’t feel threatened by the technology; technology, or rather graphics, become part of the story, which is how it ought to be. The cast, the characters, the music, and a whole lot other things made it a success, not just the graphics.

Coming back to Ra.One, some of the pathetic attempts at humor only make one to sigh in despair. There is a chance for sensitive audience to even feel insulted. The audience have grown up. The decade-old gimmicks don’t work now. Filmmakers, you need to grow up too.

I must mention the background score. It was mind-blowing. But the songs aren’t all very catchy. I liked a couple of them though.

The guest appearance of Rajini Kanth is really wasted. It is too short, too abrupt and doesn’t really serve any purpose. Also, I couldn’t understand what really happened between Chitti and G.One, if anything happened at all in the first place. 😛

Ra.One fails to emulate the success of Robot for these and quite possibly many other reasons. I really feel sorry for the producers.

PS: This is a hard one to write, being a hardcore fan of Shahrukh. 😦


6 10 2011

Been to Dookudu last night for the third time. Loved it more each time I saw it. Finally thought that my blog deserves some space for it. While I admit that I don’t have anything different or new to say about the movie, I feel the urge to express a few of my thoughts on it at this juncture.

Dookudu is a wholesome entertainer with action, comedy, sentiment, and of course romance/love. Mahesh Babu fills the movie and he is never been more handsome or more charming. Despite his smile being a bit awkward – just shrinking the eyes and extending the mouth – he manages to look cute.  I felt like there has never been a Tollywood hero who has as killing looks as Mahesh. It’s not fair. 🙂 I’m no fan of him, but still I couldn’t take my eyes off him during the whole movie.

Samantha looked beautiful, lot better than in her earlier movies. But one gets tired of the peculiar  husky voice of the dubbing artist. Been good in the first movie – Em maaya Chesaave.It was refreshing at that time. But using it every time, gives the heroine an unnecessary attitude. I hated to listen to her voice even for Trisha in Teenmaar.

The music is awesome. Can’t get enough of it. Thaman just rocks! The songs are picturesque. Very appealing. Must mention the superb costumes, especially Mahesh’s.  The story is crafted well. Mahesh is absolutely bewitching as a bold and efficient IPS officer. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and I look forward to watch it again and again. In fact my first thought as soon as I was into the movie (the first time) for only about half-an-hour had been – “I must own the DVD as soon as it comes out.” 😀


25 08 2011

Been to this historical fantasy movie last weekend. Liked it very much. It was so picturesque and beautiful. Of course, what else can we expect from the acclaimed cinematographer cum filmmaker Santosh Sivan?

This is the story of a little known hero from Kerala (Chirakkal Kelu Nayanar  – Prithvi Raj)whose mission is to kill Vasco De Gama, who did atrocious things to its citizens and had been a threat to its wealth and future. The way Santosh drew analogies between the history and the present was good. At the time of watching the movie, I thought it depicted the history accurately but a superficial search on Net revealed that much of it is fiction.

The narration in the first half, especially the first 45 minutes or so, had been so fast, as the director tried to acquaint the historic backdrop and significance of the story/events to come, that the audience were really kept on toes. But the pace dropped down alarmingly to match that of snail’s in the second half and it’s only the chemistry between Genelia and Prithvi , which attempted to hold the audience’s attention at that point – with marginal success.

The performances were good. Prithvi was awesome – elegant and macho. He is such a looker. I was practically drooling over him. Nitya, Prabhu Deva and Arya did well. Arakkal Ayesha is a very remarkable character and Genelia was adequate in it.

The backdrop chosen by Santosh Sivan was so novel and fresh that the movie acquired a unique appeal.

By the way, to those who are wondering what Urumi means – it’s a long sword made of flexible steel. It’s the hero’s weapon in the movie. Innovative, isn’t it?