About Me

I’m a thinker and day dreamer. I think I have certain degree of imagination which I use to fantasize about crazy worlds inside my mind, to weave silly stories and go on on a virtual adventure spree.

Did I tell anyone before that I’ve always been in awe of fairy lands described in story books, that I fantasize about being a fairy and visit all those enchanted gardens full of golden and silver trees bearing the most delicious magical fruits, the towering castles in which beautiful princesses stay captives of fiery dragons, ride the magic carpet, the flying wooden horse, seek the treasures hidden beyond mountains and seas…

Well, I think you got the idea..

Before you think I’m crazy, let me confess that I think much about real world around me too. People and their minds fascinate me. The beauty of the Nature enthralls me, while good music alights my spirits.

And I’m also deeply intrigued by spirituality and God.

I love reading books and have recently been reading somewhat like a maniac.. 🙂

I like my life to be exciting and interesting everyday.. I hate this thing called: Routine. My idea of a perfect world is where no two days are alike and filled with fun, adventure and surprises… Apparently, this ideal sounds a bit too extreme.. What I actually meant is that I like to spend each day differently, if not uniquely.

Blogging is just another fad I’ve taken to in order to fill my days differently.

Also I take secret pleasure in breaking rules because I believe that (at least some) rules are meant to be broken (now and then)!

With all these weird assertions, don’t be disappointed to see simple, straight-forward and conventional entries in the blog because being simple, uncomplicated and boring is also a part of my weirdness..

Everything said, it’s time to make it clear what this blog is about. It is exactly what it’s name suggests. You’ll find it here whatever it may be that I want to express and/or share.. No fixed theme and no rigid rules…

So, here you go!

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19 09 2009

Sireesha, i just read all ur posts on ur blog…really good…inspiring…
keep going..

19 09 2009

Thanks Lavanya!

20 12 2010

hi akka……
this is phani alias pawan , brother of bhanu..
u really have a great future..
dnt 4get me wn u bcm a great writr..

21 12 2010

Hi Pawan, Welcome to the blog!

2 01 2010
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24 04 2010

very well composed text, I must say.
Nice and short, brief yet detailed!
this webpage got straight into my favourites – keep ’em coming dear!

24 04 2010

Thanks! :*-)

23 09 2010

Hi, nice to meet you !

27 09 2010

Hey..landed up at your space thru the comment on my blog and couldn’t resist reading all the posts….Very Crisp and clear…Keep going!

9 10 2010

Thanks Renuka. Nice to see you here.

7 10 2010

you can be a writer

9 10 2010


13 11 2010

Nice post! Good Writing!

3 01 2011
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11 07 2011

Hi Sireesha,

Read few posts on ur blog, well written and you are very creative keep going.

Great Man!

U have great future.

NET exam friend
hope u remember

11 07 2011

Thanks Sushmitha! Of course I remember you. I was thinking about you just a while ago. Keep in touch.

6 12 2011

“Also I take secret pleasure in breaking rules because I believe that rules are meant to be broken!”

There are two kinds of rules, one is existential rules like flame of fire go upwards until n unless, for the cause, some other existential rules are inot harmonised with like pressure to make force while other is man-made-rules inclined to set up just out of ignorance for deviation from existential rules an iota even like going against the desire and attraction between two people of opposite sex specifically !

In regard, let me quote very mysterious but supremely logical verse of SriMadBhagwadGita here-in-under:

nasato vidyate bhavo
nabhavo vidyate satah
ubhayor api drsto ‘ntas
tv anayos tattva-darsibhih

na–never; asatah–of the nonexistent; vidyate–there is; bhavah–endurance; na–never; abhavah–changing quality; vidyate–there is; satah–of the eternal; ubhayoh–of the two; api–verily; drstah–observed; antah–conclusion; tu–but; anayoh–of them; tattva–absolute rule; darsibhih–by the seers.

Those who are seers of the absolute rule have concluded that of the nonexistent there is no endurance, and of the existent there is no cessation. This seers have concluded by studying the nature of both.

18 05 2012
Sirisha Avvari

I just love the ease with which your words flow out. That is something I have found lacking in myself since I started writing. Well I am a self proclaimed writer :P, and I write fanfiction (Given that I have written 160 of them, I think I can safely call myself one).

However it’s really nice to find my namesake! I love reading too (I guess reading and writing must go together), although I’m not so voracious a reader I believe. I’ve seen in one of your posts that you are fond of Ramayana. Well I had a similar upbringing, but I am more fascinated by Mahabharata.

Anyways, great blog! Keep going…

19 05 2012

Good to know that you’re a writer and reader. Would like to read your writings sometime.

Thanks for your good words, but I believe that I have a very limited vocabulary. And I must say words don’t always flow out of me easily. Often times, there is a great struggle involved. I guess it’s a process one has to go through to create anything.

Keep visiting.

23 01 2013

I do check you blog for updates often, books reviews simple and chala baguntai.

If you haven’t read please add this to your reading list Naa Desham Naa Prajalu – Gunturu Seshendra Sarma

23 01 2013

Thanks. Sure, will check that out.

22 07 2013

hi sireesha garu
i found ur blog while i am searching for nellore based short stories…thanks for the information regarding poleramma banda kathalu….it helped in writing an episode in my script ….thank you
mohan bharadwaj
sneha geetham movie writer

22 07 2013

oh good. I thought those stories are pretty famous. There is also another collection called “Dargamitta Kathalu” by the same author. You may want to look at that one too. All the best.

23 07 2013

thank you sireesha garu…i came across ”dargamitta kathalu” kind of accidentally in recent hyd book exhibition …i should have bought it but didn’t…

30 01 2014
ravindra nath

Good to know about your intrest . Me basically a publisher distributor on the banner PRISM BOOKS PVT LTD , Tel 23261828 . Can look at us for any of the english books and telugu book

20 03 2014
prathima y


i used to follow your blog. Post my marriage and my child, my reading, hobbies, chatting and what ever i used to do before marriage were just kept aside. But i have saved your blog address in my favourites on my laptop and it just popped up yesterday when my daughter was playing with laptop and i just enjoyed reading your blogs all over again.

I am Prathima, your 7th class mate in St. Theresas’ Girls High School (also a member of St. theresas yahoo group) and i am pretty sure you don’t remember me as i left the school in 8th standard. i am a reader but not as voracious reader as you. But want to become one. I always liked your posts and i feel i would be able to write reviews on books and movies some day.

Keep posting


21 03 2014

Hi Prathima! Thanks for peeping in. I’m sure I can recollect you if I can have a photograph of you – then and now. 🙂 We should catch up sometime.

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