17 02 2017

Awesome. An overused word. Perhaps one of the most.

I read/heard somewhere a long time ago that using “awesome” a little too much is a sure sign of one’s lame vocabulary. It need not and shouldn’t be used as a one-size-fits-all adjective to describe anything positive. The message is  – fight the urge to use it everywhere, get a grip and summon up the appropriate adjective from the depths of your vocabulary pool instead. It totally makes sense. But time and again I find myself lapsing and using the “a” word too much.

So, what can we use instead? In my opinion, adjectives are the most beautiful words in any language. The English language provides us with plethora of adjectives for all occasions. I know old habits die hard! But there’s hope. So, let’s start small.

To appreciate someone’s work:

  • Good/Great job
  • Excellent
  • Brilliant
  • Impressive
  • Outstanding

To admire nature/beauty:

  • Beautiful (simple, isn’t it?)
  • Stunning
  • Breathtaking
  • Splendid
  • Lovely

Expressing awe:

  • Awe-struck
  • Mind blowing
  • Magnificent
  • Wonderful
  • Fantastic

So, what about “awesome”? It’s a real word. isn’t it? What’s the appropriate use of it? It means “something that inspires awe”. So, it has its legitimate use. But, maybe, just to compensate its overuse all around, let me use its other synonyms instead for a while. 😛 ( I actually need the solemn looking hand over chin thinking emoji here! )



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25 02 2017

Let me give it a try as well.

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