A rainy hike

22 01 2017

I was so keen on hiking that December day, the prospect of rain didn’t deter me. The hike in Joseph D Grant County Park was organized through Indian Adventurers of Bay Area meetup group (FB link to the event). The drive to the park on the Quimby Road was spectacular, albeit a bit dangerous. The road was narrow and very curvy uphill. The views were awesome but I couldn’t risk glancing away from the road for more than a fleeting second. There was nowhere to pull over along the whole stretch. Too bad. 😦

Joseph D Grant is the largest county Park in Santa Clara County spanning across about 10,000 acres. The rolling hills offer spectacular views and great hiking trails.

I always like the parks/nature when they’re/it’s wet. The crisp green all around lifts my spirits up. It rained on and off, sometimes drizzling, and other times a persistent rainfall. I had no rain shell on, so was completely soaked through by the end of the hike. Much to my chagrin, I haven’t paid attention to the actual trail we were following. I was blissfully following the group between small talk with other members and time alone lost in deep thoughts.


The hike was part of Bay Area Ridge Trail hiking endeavor that the organizer has taken up. By his admission he had organized events that covered about 60 miles of BART so far and that day’s hike would add another 10 miles. I’m hoping that we followed the intended trail, but I can’t be sure.


We stumbled and retraced our paths a couple of times. We definitely went on Heron Trail and Edward Loop Trail. San Felipe Trail also sounds familiar. 😛 We covered a little over 10 miles with the last mile on the Mount Hamilton Rd.


As expected, it was cloudy, misty, and muddy. Beautiful even on the desolate, rainy winter day.  Splendid experience, all in all.


I wisely chose to drive back via Mount Hamilton Rd, avoiding Quimby Rd. Mount Hamilton Rd also offered amazing views, but I didn’t stop to savor them. Next time, maybe.



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