A cold hike

19 01 2017

An unusually cold December day. Perhaps it was one of the coldest days of Winter 2016.  Early morning temperature in 20s (Yeah, this is damn cold for Bay Area). Decided to beat the cold with a hike in the redwoods.  Teamed up with Trail Mavens to hike the Purisima Creek Redwoods Preserve. Trail Mavens organizes all-female camping and backpacking trips, and imparts associated knowledge and skills. In this case, this short hike (6.7 miles planned) was put up in Meetup and was free. Meetup is how I found Trail Mavens.

We were 10 women, age ranging from late teens to early fifties. I must say that I loved the vibe of the group. Energetic and passionate. The event host Sasha did a great job coordinating car pools and having us play games to remember each other’s names correctly and getting the conversation going. We were all shivering in the early morning chilliness. There was faint snow on the ground all over.  The plan was to start at North Ridge Trail, turn into Whittimore Gulch Trail and get back to the parking lot via Harkins Ridge Trail.


Turning away from the North Ridge Trail:


It was a nice clear day and as I hoped, the coldness abated under the warm sun. We had beautiful views of the bay.



But then we climbed down to the creek. It was chilly again at the bottom amid the redwood trees and the creek roaring by. We stuck to the plan until we saw the creek.


It was so beautiful, the sound of water rushing by soothing and tantalizing, we decided to amend the plans and take the Purisima Creek Trail. It was beautiful indeed, walking along the creek.

This change of plan added about 3 miles to the hike and we ended up doing 10 miles that day, which was the ideal mileage for me. The green path is what we actually took.


The hike back from Purisima Creek Trail was uphill on the narrow trails amid the grandeur redwood trees.


Sunset on the drive back:




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