Sense of humor

26 05 2016

I know many people in my circle believe that my “sense of humor” is mythical in nature at best and non-existent at worst. Well, I can’t truly say they are entirely wrong about that. In fact I myself am dubious about its existence sometimes. 😛 Do you know that Panchatantra tale in which a Brahmin carrying a goat is fooled by four thieves who, intent to rob him off the goat trick him into believing that he is carrying a dog instead of a goat (You can read it at Brahmin and the Crooks or watch it here.) ? The moral of the story is -“Untruth spoken repeatedly appears to be truth.”  I kind of feel like that Brahmin sometimes (many times??) 😛

I know it’s not much, and also it can be little weird sometimes. Nevertheless, it exists – a tiny speck in the deep recess of my personality which springs up occasionally, mostly when I’m among those few people with whom I feel comfortable with. And what’s more, people do resonate with it too. Believe it or not! (Melody, please vouch for this! :))

I just finished listening to Mindy Kaling’s Why Not Me?. And I loved it. I don’t know who she is and I never watch any shows on TV. Despite my ignorance and indifference, her memoir-like book engaged me. Her narration was absolutely delightful and I’m find myself repeating her phrases to myself long after I finished that book. I liked it right from the beginning, when she declared that it’s a feminine book. I like her humor. I like her style. I’m chuckling at some of her anecdotes even as I’m writing this. This doesn’t happen to me often but when it does, I totally appreciate the experience and the opportunity. I think her book is honest. And to the piece at the end on “confidence”, I say –  Mindy, you nailed it!




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31 05 2016
Melody Caprice

I most certainly vouch for it!! :))

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