Survival Lessons

3 03 2016


This is a cute little book by notable author Alice Hoffman. She claims this is the book she wanted to read while she was undergoing treatment for her cancer. She asserts that she has written this book to remind herself the beauty of life in the midst of illness and loss.

While life is full of choices, choose to celebrate life – to share, to forgive, to create something new, to claim your past, to be yourself, to enjoy yourself, to accept sorrow. Choose your friends, relatives, and heroes. Above all, choose love and to dream. Today!  That’s all what matters. Because looking back into our lives, we don’t usually regret for what we did but rather for what we didn’t do. We all can  appreciate the wisdom of this I guess. 🙂

This advice is nothing new, but coming from someone who has seen the worst of life, it comes out very earnest and effective. I loved this book so much, I think I’m going to get a copy and carry it in my purse everyday – to remind myself of the beauty of life, to take chances, and live life fully – today and every moment.

This book is about surviving not just trauma but life.




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