2015 reading

1 03 2016

2015 was a rewarding year for me in many ways. As far as my reading is concerned, my preferences definitely got matured. I moved away from my comfort zone and picked up a greater number of non-fiction and audio books last year. Their proportion is still very small  but I have observed a  decreased, albeit slight, fondness of fiction and increased penchant for different types of non-fiction. Or maybe I became better at picking up appealing non-fiction. Consequently I also became pickier when it came to regular fiction. Most fiction I read last year was for book clubs. I’m sure this pattern evolves further in 2016.

Despite an eventful year, both personally and professionally, I managed to read 57 books in 2015, 2 of them re-reads (No Country for Old Men, which I have enjoyed thoroughly this time, and Animal Farm). I almost read nothing in Telugu, my native tongue, until the end of the year, when I was desperate enough to grab some random free e-books, which I read to my heart’s content. 😉


Without much further ado, let me list the winners here 😛

Best Fiction – Goldfinch by Donna Tart  It’s a masterpiece. Enjoyed and got immersed in each one its 700 and odd pages. Do I need to say anything else?

Best Non-Fiction – Wild by Cheryl Strayed Wild is inspirational. I admire Cheryl for her courage; for pulling herself up from the abyss and coming out of it as a renewed person. In many ways, the hike was life altering.

Best Short Stories – There Once Lived a Mother Who Loved Her Children, Until They Moved Back In By Lyudmila Petrushevskaya

Best Thriller – I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes (Special mention) Oh my god! It’s the best page turner I’ve read in so many years. I still feel the adrenaline rush.

Best Book Club Selection – The Highest Tide by Jim Lynch (Special category) This needs a special mention. It’s a book I would never have picked up myself. It’s young adult book written from the perspective of a 13 year old boy who loves ocean and its creatures. It’s so refreshing and strangely magical.



Though I had grand plans for visualizations that I usually include in
this yearly post, I honestly couldn’t find time to learn a new skill and experiment. I go the easy route this time and use Power BI, one of the newest tools in the market. Excuse me for not being creative with the analysis though.


The year started off well with An Uncommon Reader, a subtle humor from UK. It depicts, in a very funny way, what if Queen Elizabeth at the age of 70 discovers the pleasures of reading and becomes an avid reader. Kazuo Ishiguro’s (my favorite author) The Buried Giant surprised me. It’s a fantasy novel.Fantasy isn’t usually my type. But when it comes to Ishiguro, it doesn’t matter what genre it is. Reading Ishiguro is pure, unadulterated pleasure any day. Amen.


I discovered Lyudmila Petrushevskaya accidentally. In the local library. Her short stories are honest and dark. I found the  bestseller “The Girl on the Train” creepy. It’s genius. I both loved and hated it. I tried two chick-lit (not so) new releases – Landline and The Husband’s Secret. I can’t say I enjoyed them much, despite their popularity. They are definitely good, but just not for me. I liked the former better than the latter though.


One book I found amusing and enlightening is “How to Travel the World for Free” by Michael Wigge. It indulged my day dreams :P. I learned good stuff from it. ;). I wish I could write about each and every book I read and loved last year, but I’m feeling lazy now. 😛  You can breathe a sigh of relief. I’m signing off. 🙂





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2 03 2016

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