New strategy?

30 09 2015

The one thing that infuriates me about shopping in US is that the prices vary “a lot” throughout the year, and sometimes across locations, for the same product – be it apparel, toys, gadgets, furniture, or whatever. (Unlike in India where, despite various offers and discount sales, the variance is not too high or significant in most cases.) This makes shopping a lot more resource intensive effort. My eternal complaint. Sigh!

But that’s not what I want to talk about here. What I want to write about now is my recent experiences at the local Target store. A while ago, I picked up a couple of toys for billing and at the checkout counter I realized that they actually cost more than what I thought they would – maybe because the items were misplaced or the prices were mislabeled in the racks. While I was considering whether to go ahead with my purchase or not given the new information, the checkout operator asked me how much I would like to pay for them. I was taken aback by her question but gave her my initial assumption. She said she can give me that price and she did. It all happened quickly and I was both surprised and delighted. I took it to be an isolated experience and forgot all about it. But just the other day, it happened again. But this time, she couldn’t give me the price I quoted but gave her best price. Trust me when I say that the previous incident was completely out of my consciousness at that moment and that my consternation about the price at the counter was a genuine and truthful reaction.
Is this Target’s new strategy to discourage item drops at the checkout counter?



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