The big questions

29 08 2015

The big questions of life – Who am I? What is the purpose of (my) life?

These seem to be the questions that a person is supposed to ask and seek answers for at some point in life. I often come across  people mulling over them at religious and/or spiritual centers, congregations, discussions, programs etc.. And it puzzles me that why I’m not bothered by these same questions. When I expressed my bafflement to a learned acquaintance, he simply replied “You are not there yet!”. To say that I found his response startling would be an understatement. Wow, it never occurred to me.

Why do these questions seem so irrelevant to me? Why do I think I’m above them or even that I have the answers, even though I can’t articulate them.  Is this audacity or ignorance? Most probably the latter.

But when I really try to think about these existential questions, I seem to be satisfied with whatever I could absorb from my limited exposure to the religious/spiritual content. The Who question is less of a concern to me. I’m okay with – God’s child, part of Supreme soul.

Though I’m not very religious in practice, I believe in it. I believe that every soul is part of the  Supreme and that completely realizing this fact is part of the spiritual growth. I believe that the ultimate goal of a human being is to attain the spiritual high – the enlightenment, to reach a state where one’s soul resonates with that of the Supreme. It’s not an easy or  quick  process, and being a worldly being, requires one to surmount worldly attachments in order to  attain the spiritual peace. To grow wiser and to  attain peace is in  itself a worthy goal, in my opinion. To be dutiful, to practice righteousness, to seek knowledge, and to gain wisdom would be my idea of living a life purposefully. Beyond this, I’m not really curious about finding a better purpose at this point.

I’m sure, my current perspective might be a limiting one but I believe it will evolve with time and am in no hurry to rush the process. I believe that I’ll be there – wherever one is supposed to be – at some point. 🙂



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