Eternal bliss

7 05 2015

If I’m to nominate two people for eternal bliss, it would be Sir P G Wodehouse and A R Rahman. Actually, I truly believe that they deserve that and more.

Wodehouse, because of the pure, unadulterated humor he shares through his amazing books. A lot of times fun is confused with “making fun of people”, humor is mistaken with laughing at people pointing out oddities in their personalities or behaviors, hilarity as synonymous with taking pleasure in other people’s (or creatures’) little accidents. I don’t want to generalize here, but when I happened to watch a few of the videos from the “funniest videos” TV program, I was appalled because audience were laughing at people slipping and falling hard on their backs, pets shocked and alarmed, people hit by a sudden gush of water in their faces etc. In total contrast, whenever I read one of Sir Wodehouse’s comedies, I experience a joy and peace beyond description. My recent read of his is “The Politeness of Princes, and Other School Stories” (Gutenberg link).

AR Rahman, because of the soul stirring music he delivers on a consistent basis. His music transports me to a higher world. Every time I listen to one of his songs, I can’t help stopping and marveling.  🙂

Too bad I’m missing his concert next month. 😂

His recent tracks on my current playlist include:




One response

22 05 2015

This song from I – caused me earworm for more than a month and I love this song a lot.

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