11 01 2015

My first taste of social media sites for books had been Shelfari and I like it. It has a cool shelf-like visualization which appeals to my traditional ways of looking at things. Even though I later came to know about a more widely known and used “Goodreads’ and briefly had a fling with it, I stuck to my child-like fascination towards “bookshelf” and to Shelfari. Despite many interesting things that Shelfari has in its bag, I am aghast to realize that it doesn’t have an app yet and if I would like to share my reading with FB, there is no easy way to do that from my smartphone ( I acquired it only recently). Here, Goodreads wins hands down. It has a cool app and while I was checking it out, I was impressed by its recommendation feature. It’s just beyond cool. It swept me off my feet. Of course, it has other arrows in its quiver like the ability to add quotes, track the reading progress, a larger user base and thus a more reliable way to judge a book based on reviews and ratings. But the library import from Shelfari to Goodreads is not smooth with lots of information lost. And I abhor imperfect solutions. It’s a pain to update all those missing details. So, what should I do now? Stick to my first love – Shelfari – and go through the pain of booting up my laptop every time I need to update my shelf and share it with my friends or move on to the less perfect (in my eyes) but much easier to manage Goodreads and make my future with it? Alas, I’m at crossroads! 😉 😛



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