Hyperbole and a Half

18 09 2014


This very unconventional memoir with crudely drawn comics is a treat for everyone.  The book is essentially taken out of her blog of the same name. Check it out here.

As claimed by the author, the book contains :

  • Pictures (lots of them)
  • Words
  • Stories about things that happened to me
  • Stories about things that happened to other people because of me
  • Stories about dogs

The narration is absolutely witty, honest, sarcastic, and insightful. Sure it takes one back to one’s childhood. Never before encountered such a simple, realistic, and quirky account of little things that concern kids.

The 10-year old writes a letter to her future self and buries it her backyard. The only problem is that she is mostly concerned about her future tastes and temperament with dogs and above all she expects a reply from her future self.

Well, that’s something. 🙄

The episode of cake is hilarious. Her obsession with eating the cake is inspiration for every kid. 😛 I liked the story about her depression, the best. How people try to cheer you up in futile ways, when you are spiraling down into deep abyss is sarcastically depicted.

There are a number of other anecdotes too,  each one of them a jumble of humor, crudeness, shrewdness, and imagination.

It’s tough to describe in words what this book is like, and what it does to you. Feel free to get a copy or at least visit her blog to enjoy the unique experience.




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9 01 2015
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