Don’t escape. Accept.

21 08 2014

Day dreaming. I’m guilty as hell doing that. I escape to strange lands and situations, both better and worse. It seems like I get lost in thought – spinning imaginary stories/situations – at the drop of a hat. đŸ˜›


Why do we day dream? Is it because we are not satisfied with the reality? Or that we want more excitement from life? Is it escaping the reality? What is the cost?

Surely, we are missing the joy of living in and enjoying the present if we are always eager to travel to and be in imaginary worlds. I never considered this seriously before but I have started realizing that it’s no fun if you always seek unreal things.

But of course, one can’t deny that there is solace and comfort in one’s fantasies. Does happiness come from knowing the truth, or from preserving illusions? May be it’s all about striking a balance. Or more importantly, our illusions ought to be constructive. They should let us enjoy our present and reality more, let us do better things, and shape our future.

It’s liberation if you don’t want to escape; when you realize that there is nothing to escape from. Come to terms with your reality and accept it, and then you are liberated.




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