A simple mind

4 08 2014

What’s the greatest treasure in this world? “A simple mind.”

In this complicated world, we are compelled to think complicated. There is so much to process, so many things to manage. We have to worry about our future, we need to be wary of our past, and we need to tread carefully through the present. We have to take care of us, our family, and our society. And we need to compete to survive and race ahead. In times where there is no clear distinction between black and white but rather exists a huge range of grays, where virtue doesn’t always win and justice rarely met, we need complex minds to navigate through the labyrinth of life.

Or so do we assume.

But deep down we know that something is amiss. There is a want of something alluding. Peace?

A simple mind is a child-like mind. Of the two choices life presents at each moment, it always chooses the simpler one. Love is simple; hate is complex. Smile is simple; frown is complex. Compassion is simple; indifference is complex. Truth is simple, lie is complex. And so on. It lives in the present, untouched by the past or the future.

I think it all boils down to the ancient philosophy from Gita: Be righteous. Follow your dharma. Do what you need to do, without bothering about the results.

A simple mind is a clear mind. An enlightened mind.

If internal peace is what everyone seeks – the ultimate goal of existence – which path leads us to it? Why do we let ourselves get lost in darkness?



2 responses

12 08 2014

Sireesha, Where have you been? Missing your thought-provoking posts..

21 08 2014

Thanks Nagamani. That’s so nice of you. May be I’m not thinking anything worthwhile these days?? :p

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