Fast and slow

1 08 2014

I was in the library yesterday, browsing books. Suddenly, I realized that my appetite for reading has got down lately and that I am not really looking too much forward to immerse myself in a book. Also, I realized that I have become pickier in choosing my next reads, with little interest in those meaty, prize-winning, intense reads, which were so fulfilling in the past. I found myself looking for something lighter and entertaining. The prospect of trudging  through a dense literary piece seemed very unappealing. This change of status quo came to me as a surprise. On further reflection, I realized that same is the case with my other interests/obsessions – movies, travel. I  now don’t feel the same urge to pursue them.

I have slowed down!

The fact is now out in the open. Now what? How do I feel about it?

I feel good!

Well, the latter came down as a bigger surprise. Because, I always thought that my interests,/hobbies give me immense pleasure and that they are my greatest source of happiness.  Well, now may be I need to reconsider the whole thing. Hmmm!

I often wonder…

There are people who chase things, are adventurous, are ambitious, seek and get things. Their life is an ongoing journey. They enjoy it and like to make the best out of it. Achieving/experiencing is their happiness.

There are some other people who do what they need to do, are content with what they have, are pleasant and happy with oneself and the world, Just being is their happiness.

Who is right?

Is too much activity always a sign of inner restlessness? Does being in the present always a token of bliss?

I feel laid back. I am glad that my inner state now relies not on what I do but on what I am! I am not yet where I would like to be but I know I’m in the right direction. (How much more narcissistic can I be? :p  Well, sometimes I can’t help getting tired of myself.)





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