Shuddh Desi Romance

6 05 2014


Got to watch this movie this weekend. Remember hearing positive reviews from friends about it back when it got released. But frankly, after watching the movie now, I don’t know what to say. For one thing, it’s bold. 🙂

Despite the risk of having dismissed as being from old school, I must say I found the movie irritating. What’s the whole point? I can think of a few:

  • It’s ok to be confused
  • Follow your heart even if it’s confused
  • Take forever to make up one’s mind
  • It’s ok to be irresponsible and commitment phobic
  • It’s ok to keep on acting on impulses until you have realized what’s in your heart and make up your mind about it, if it ever happens

I’m not saying that marriage is the holy grail and one should go for it, no matter what, or that the sooner, the better. I am pretty aware of why many youngsters today are skeptical about marriage and are afraid to take the plunge. Rightly so, I must admit, given the long term and intense repercussions in case of a misjudgment.

But backing off from marriage even after finding the right person – I have really hard time trying to fathom it. Agreed that things can go wrong after marriage, even with the person you (think you)  love, but it doesn’t mean that the alternative of living together – with confusion and commitment phobia – guarantees you better things. It’s only an illusion of happiness. True happiness comes only from commitment and responsibility, in the absence of which there  are always the demons of uncertainty and insecurity towering over you.

Think guys, there must be a reason why the institution of marriage has lasted so long! Fix it, do not throw it away!

PS: Personally, I think that the hero got lot more than he deserved. Just look at him! God! 🙄



2 responses

26 05 2014

And they call such romance ‘Shudh desi’? I mean ‘Shudh’? ‘desi’?

26 05 2014

Yeah, look at the irony of it!!! 🙄

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