Second Thoughts

4 05 2014


Second Thoughts by Shobhaa De is about a young woman Maya of Kolkata who has just married Ranjan and moved to Mumbai, the city which alluded her. It is about Maya and her insipid marriage.

I wonder about Maya. How she kept her sanity for long with her insensitive and reserved husband. I wonder how she even tolerated him in the first place. Grr… What an MCP! She is treated as little more than a piece of furniture, and this without any, not even a slight inkling of, sense of being wrong or at least inadequate. She can’t make calls without his knowledge and permission, she can’t even use the air conditioner in his absence. God!

May be having fewer expectations and general acceptance of the terms helped. But of course, not so much. Because despite being the typical conservative girl, she found him and the marriage suffocating. She is trapped and vulnerable.

As I think about it, Maya’s life is not an uncommon one. It’s actually the contrary, I guess. None of the events or experiences are extraordinary. Shobhaa De took such a simple and common story and turned it into something beyond entertainment. It provides not just the voyeuristic pleasure of peeking into someone else’s life but also puts forth the injustice of such a life as a matter of fact.

I can say that Maya’s life definitely makes many of us to feel better about our own lives (at least at the outset).



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