Nijaniki Feminijaniki Madhya

25 04 2013

Nidadhavolu Malathi

This collection of 45 stories by Nidadhavolu Malathi was a random pick from the library. I never heard about either the book or the author before and hence started reading it with certain skepticism. Soon, I got absorbed into the varied themes the stories touched upon and realized that I like the collection. The author dealt with subtle emotions and portrayed the prevalent societal norms and values in the most non-dramatic manner. Some of them depicted NRI lives in USA. This is the first time I encountered that theme in Telugu literature and I found it refreshing.

Also, one important thing that struck me as I read through the stories was that the protagonists were not idealistic; they were normal with their own shortcomings and insecurities. They didn’t do great things and didn’t often solve their own problems. I felt that the author didn’t try to convey any message or tried to solve the characters’ issues, which makes these stories an artistic record of the author’s astute and fine observations of human behavior. Essentially this characteristic leaves a lot for the readers to think about and reflect on.

Barring a few stories, which didn’t appeal to me, the collection makes a decent read.

PS: Part of South Asian Women Writers Challenge




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25 09 2013

If you have the energy to write in Telugu, can you please consider contributing to 🙂

Btw, the author of this book also maintains a website called, containing English translations of Telugu short stories and also a few literary articles related to Telugu literature. Do check it out if interested.

25 09 2013

Sireesha garu, my name is Nidadavolu Malathi. I appreciate your comments on my stories. I think, you have captured the essence and my perception very well.
FYI, the last story, Anando Brahmo is incomplete in the anthology. If you are interested, it is available on my blog, telugu thulika,
My website, features translations of eminent Telugu fiction in English.
Once again, your review is a well-written piece.

25 09 2013
27 09 2013

glad you found and enjoyed Malathi garu’s stories

4 02 2014
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