Manasuko Daaham

20 04 2013

Manasuko Daaham

This is a collection of stories by Kuppili Padma. I’ve read her before and so knew what to expect and I was not disappointed. Her stories always feature a strong, independent woman who lives and leads her life on her own terms not bowing down to the oppressing, discriminating, and hypocritical society. She  –  the protagonist – thinks clearly, is sure of herself, seeks love, and exhibits high individuality. And she embraces the consequences, displaying commendable courage. She holds respect for people with similar traits. Most of the stories in this collection deal about and question the ingrained beliefs and norms of the patriarchial society. The stories tug at your heart and it’s very difficult to pick up a favorite from the collection.

PS: Part of South Asian Women Writers Challenge



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4 02 2014
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