Reading challenge

19 04 2013

I recently signed up for South Asian Women Writers Challenge. It involves reading books by Asian women writers and reviewing them. The aim is to increase exposure and support for the aforementioned category of writers. I ambitiously targeted 8 books in 2013. Given the fact that I read a minimum of 50 books every year, I believe I can do this pretty easily. Signing up was done in a jiff with much enthusiasm. Next came the more time-consuming task of choosing the writers/books. This posed a little problem. 😐 As I went through the list here, I realized that I never read many of them and that there were only a small number of well-known names among them. As a cautious reader, my first thought had been to go for only those writers whom I have either read before or heard/read about. Another self-imposed rule is to minimize the expenses (borrow rather than buy concept 🙂 ) as much as possible. As a result, the tentative list came down to:

  1. Anita Nair (Cut Like Wound – a crime thriller; already on my bookshelf)
  2. Kuppili Padma (Telugu – Manasuko Daaham – short stories; borrowed)
  3. Nidadhavolu Malathi (Telugu – Nijaniki Feminijaniki Madhya – short stories; borrowed (random pick))
  4. Amulya Malladi
  5. Chitra Divakaruni Banerjee
  6. Anita Desai
  7. Bapsi Sidhwa (famous Pakistani author)
  8. Lakshmi Narayan (Bonsai Kitten)

I’ve read four of the authors earlier (1,2,4,5) and loved their work.

However, ideally, I would like to cover the writers from all the South Asian countries. I am aware of two popular authors from Bangladesh – Taslima Nasreen and Monica Ali – but unfortunately, my prior experience with their writings left me not wanting anything more from them. (Of course, I’m willing to reconsider in case of any compelling positive recommendations.) Also, I’m clueless about authors from other South Asian countries. Recommendations in this regard are most welcome!




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4 02 2014
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[…] had participated in a reading challenge wherein I had to read 8 books written by South Asian Women Authors and review them on my blog. I read the books but failed to review, thus defeating the whole purpose […]

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