22 02 2013

Besides triggering a lot of appropriate reaction – horror, shock, empathy -, the Delhi-rape incident  has made people to ask important questions regarding the gender issues. That aside, the more significant impact has been on the way women in general conduct their day-today lives: they are now more apprehensive of boarding an empty or near empty bus, auto or cab and extremely suspicious of talking to and dealing with unacquainted men. Simple things which they have always done before without much thought.

I and my friend, for example, feel very cautious and threatened to even do our usual stuff these days like – be out during the dusk, go out and meet people to get things done etc. The event essentially has served as a rude awakening to the fact that we are living in the midst of such insane and pervert people who are very well capable of and don’t think too much about carrying out such brutal acts. Who can ever imagine the mindset of a person who messes with a woman’s internal organs with his hand and even seek sadistic pleasure out of it. I’m not sure, which one of the 6 accused has done it, but I feel that all of them are equally responsible for the act. And I fervently condemn one of them getting off the severe punishment on the grounds of being a juvenile. Oh, I almost forgot! Who can say when the case will end and the final verdict is out!

Of course, the danger has always been there. But I guess this incident has shown irrevocably how beastly some men can behave and how vulnerable a woman’s life is. (I know I’m repeating myself a lot on this topic here in this blog but I feel compelled to do so. Kindly bear with me.)

How many women carried pepper sprays with them before? The recent incident of attempt to kidnap (with clear intention of raping the woman, needless to say) provides another dose of terror and horror. It’s a service auto and finding the woman alone after other passengers got off, the driver along with his friend planned the thing. Their explanation or rather defense is that they were intoxicated. As if that justifies their evil intentions. It seems like women are living among some men who are on the constant prowl – seizing their prey when found alone (or in unsubstantial company). Do they feel that it’s their right? I’m genuinely perplexed. How can someone attempt a crime without much thought? To everyone’s relief, the lady made a brave escape with minor injuries.

Well, I think this goes on and on and on….!

And what about these terrorist bomb attacks in Hyderabad…! The mankind is sick! Sick in the mind. That’s all I can say. Many innocent people died and lot others lost their limbs and got injured. What a horrible way to die! I don’t understand what to make of people who think “killing innocent people” makes them realize their goals (I wonder what they are in the first place and how sensible they are). And doing all this from behind. This is no war. I don’t understand the political and power dynamics of the world well, but I condemn every and any such act. (I know you all do too! )

Terror is everywhere. Terror is for everyone. Alas!!!

Nonviolence doesn’t always work – but violence never does.  ~Madge Micheels-Cyrus




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