God, please save the world

20 12 2012

May be it’s a wrong idea to read newspapers. At least, first thing in the morning. It is depressing to an unfathomable level to read about the various heinous crimes on women. I am shocked, terrified and deeply disturbed by reading about the Delhi rape case. I’m not able to envisage how anyone can perform such gruesome acts. What makes them behave in such a violent, perverse manner? She is a human being for god’s sake and not a machine that you could play and prod with as you like. What kind of pleasure and satisfaction do such men derive, I’m unable to comprehend.  It’s obvious that desire for sex alone doesn’t drive rape. How do such incidents be different from the mass shootings that happen in USA? There is something seriously wrong with the whole system and culture. Ratna Kapur raised a very valid point when she said that men are not able to accept the progress of women, which is being manifested as deep-rooted frustration and anger in them against women. She suggests that violence against women is a much bigger issue and needs more than stricter laws. It’s more about educating people.

Of course, laws are important and in fact implementation is even more important. Given the ingrained corruption and  ineffective judicial system, it’s no wonder that criminals don’t fear punishment as much as required. I’m digressing here a little bit to say a few more words on this issue:  I can see no hope for a country which takes 2 years to hang a hard-core terrorist who is responsible for killing  so many people. I didn’t quite follow the intricacies of Kasab’s case but I personally believe that India has become a laughing stock by its characteristic relaxed behavior.  I feel that “I don’t mess with anyone, but if anyone messes with me, they will pay badly” should be the right attitude. It’s all very lofty when one says – “everyone should have equal rights” and “no matter how many criminals escape, none of the innocents should get convicted”, but I think there are certain cases where the country and law should take a firm stand and give out prompt judgments. And make a clear statement to one and all.  Justice delayed is justice denied.

Even as I am trying hard to come out of the shock and horror of the Delhi rape case, I’m coming across more and more reports of similar incidents in the inner pages of the newspapers  – tribal girl students sexually molested by the principal and the teacher, a woman gang-raped and set afire (?? What the ****), a five-year old raped (?? )and in critical condition…  I’m sure those men are not “human beings” and I believe that they are not fit to live. It’s hard not to be affected by such incidents.

I don’t want to read newspapers. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

Why so much perversion and violence? Lot of literature and media out there, in the name of entertainment and awareness, is dishing out explicit and perverse content and ideas. To get attention. Sure they are getting what they want. But at what cost to society? I don’t mean that everyone who reads or watches such content absorbs them but don’t you agree that it’s causing a lot of strain on the society as a whole? Different people get affected in different ways but there sure is an effect. Real crime shows on TV, extreme violence in movies, explicit and perverse content in literature (I myself am appalled by the gross details in Millennium trilogy [I think the first part] and heard from friends that The Fifty Shades series has unprecedented explicit content.) and of course porn. All these are detrimental to the society. I believe that man’s (man as in human) growing restlessness is making him vulnerable to such exposure. Increasing materialism and individualism perhaps contribute to the rampant savageness.

God, please save the world from itself. If you can’t, then ruin it.  Am no longer questioning the doomsday.




One response

9 01 2013

Now I doubt if Hell is any worse. The doomsday is truly welcome. With so much suffering there is nothing really nice to look forward to.

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