My journey

12 12 2012

More than 3 months without a post. This is perhaps the longest gap that has ever occurred on this blog till now. 2012 had been a transformational year for me in many ways than I could have ever anticipated. As I embarked on the journey towards self-knowledge, I went through some profound states of mind. It’s part revelation and part mystery but I’m glad I’ve made the effort. I’m no where near the final destination – where I would like to be – but I’ve grown more comfortable with myself along the way. I guess I did  more thinking and inner-debate this year than I ever did before. I’m grateful for the struggle I experienced in the process because I feel it made me a better person – a person whom I like more. I also realized, to some extent, that just changing the way you perceive yourself, you can change the way you interact with people and environment around, which will ultimately lead to a change in the way they react to you. Also, I realized that I previously used to avoid pursuing such trains of thought which would unfold my inner views by keeping myself always busy. How foolish was I not to envision how rewarding such an exercise could be? Or may be I just wasn’t ready earlier.

All this indulgence in myself, that of course I long deserved, left me with little time for my dear blog. Needless to say, I missed writing. With this comeback speech, I’ll now breeze in with new vigor. 🙂

I admit it’s a bit early to say goodbye to the year but I believe one can always reflect back on what it gave one, at any point in time. As 2012 is drawing to a close, I must assent that, despite all, it gave me new experiences, and new hope. My journey has just begun….



2 responses

9 01 2013

I congratulate you on your successful preservation of your introspective nature. There are just so many distractions and obligations of outside world that come in the way of connecting and experiencing our true inner self. 😀

9 01 2013

Thanks Haritha. Sometimes, you can’t escape getting face-to-face with yourself anymore.

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