28 08 2012

Introspection is a difficult journey.  It involves observing oneself – every word, action and thought, checking, evaluating and judging them as impartially as possible. Trust me, it’s a lot of hard work. If the intention is to understand oneself and change for better, the essential pre-requisite is to be “open”, both in mind and heart. Also one needs to be perceptive and sensitive enough to receive the feedback from the world, without being defensive. There is a need to stop and think often.

Since introspection is critical by nature ,the inevitable consequence of such an exercise is an encounter with unpleasantness. One may discover or realize unflattering things about oneself along the path. One needs courage to face them and see them for what they are. One also requires to go through intense inner turmoil as one proceeds through the process of shattering  long-held beliefs and convictions. Only then will be one able to see things in a new light, more possibly than not, for brighter prospects.

Nevertheless, this is also an interesting journey with “self-discovery” and ‘being at peace with oneself” as the typical destination. It’s also liberating in one way. It provides freedom from oneself – self-imposed chains, which are the result of ignorance of one’s true self.

Of course, the above is possible only if one treads the path carefully, judiciously and shrewdly with the intention of rising to a new level of enlightenment.




4 responses

17 10 2012
Sashank Bhogu

my god .. it is really… tough..

27 12 2012

Trust me, it is! 🙂

17 10 2012

My introspection contains 6378 words and I have named it “Drifting in oblivion”…

27 12 2012

Great effort! Congratulations.

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