Dirty politics

19 06 2012

I was appalled by the whole melodrama surrounding Jagan’s arrest and was even more shocked by the election results. I was left quite speechless.  Didn’t know what or whom to blame. A week or so before the election, I was rather surprised to hear my maid claim that she and all those in her locality will vote for Jagan. When asked – “how can you do that? He has gobbled up a lot of public money!”, she answered with a simple question – “who hasn’t done so?” Clearly, those people have no idea about the magnitude of the amassed assets. Of course it’s beyond anyone’s conception. How can one imagine and make sense of one lakh crore?

It’s as plain as day that he has his own interests before anything else and is greedy for power. Of course, this is not beyond human tendency but what’s pathetic is that this kind of attitude is accepted as normal, in a politician, more than in anyone else.

Also, I think, the caste plays a prominent role. YSR and Jagan have a bonanza because they can attract both Reddys and Christians. It’s not only the poor, illiterate or village folk that go by the “caste” principle, but even the so called the educated class. I myself heard the same from someone considered rather sophisticated. I admit “caste” is pervasive, but electing a representative by that criterion sounds a little crude. But of course, politics is the biggest stage for “caste” play.

And of course, there is the money, liquor and other gifts provided just before the election. So, may be it isn’t a big surprise after all.

Come to think of it, the question “who hasn’t?” is quite profound. The elections are mostly like choosing one among a gang of thugs. So it doesn’t matter much in the end, whom one chooses. And here is the classic chicken and egg question – are the leaders behaving so irresponsibly and self-indulgingly because people don’t question them or demand services from them and because they get elected despite all? Or is the public complacent owing to the feeling of hopelessness created by the so called leaders?

I often wonder about the psychology of Indians. There is a serious lack of civic sense. When one looks at the history, India had been ruled by people of different dynasties and nationalities, which resulted in much rampage and havoc. I’m skeptical about the existence of the feeling of unity ever. The “divide and rule” policy of the British is perhaps the most successful principle of war in the history of mankind. The repercussions of their 200-year-rule can be felt to even this day. They have inculcated the “Sheep Mentality” in the minds of the people that we haven’t yet escaped the clutches of.

I look at other countries with their distinct character, which makes them successful, and wonder how such cultures are developed.  Japanese are so hard working that they grow despite the natural and artificial calamities. China could do it despite a large population.

Sometimes I feel that what India needs is a series of strong and responsible leaders, with a tight rein over the affairs. Something like a good monarchy. Long enough to imbibe certain things in the minds of the people – to be more responsible.



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19 06 2012
Nagamani Challa

sirisha, if you were to cast your vote in these bypolls, whom would you choose? we obviously have to choose the less corrupted ones…right? that’s the ill fate of this politics system and everytime around these elections, I put the same question to myself – how can we change this ?
-Nagamani (a fellow TIA member)

19 06 2012

Rightly said Nagamani. The same question haunts me too. One has to be attentive about the details and do some math – who is less corrupt compared to others. 🙂

19 06 2012
Tulasi ram

Exactly, this subject is roaming in my mind from past one week. the politics is sick in AP, there is none a correct person/Genuine one. Em chestam karma 😦

23 06 2012

Here is my analysis: (You might think I am raving mad)
The poor people (meaning 60% of population. To hell with the planning commission statistics! News papers say that 60% of India is poor and I would rather believe them than the PC.) have the most votes. Most of the well to do people do not vote. To most of the well to do people it does not matter who is the MLA or MP. The government has most of its impact on the poor. The poor can deliberately vote for the biggest thugs becoz of the following reasons:

1.Political thieving can happen in two stages. First you take away the money meant for the poor, then you even take away the well to do people’s money by a myriad of ways like more taxes and inflating prices and gross mismanagement of natural resources.

2. The most harmless thug can reach upto the first stage. The biggest thug will successfully complete the second stage.

I am not enemy of the poor. But surely, come on, do u really think the poor thinks that the well to do ness of the well to do was fair play? I guess the poor people view Jagan as some sort of Robin Hood. Incidentally, you must also read this: http://www.thehindu.com/arts/magazine/article3265588.ece

P.S: Lately I have been preparing for the GRE, which kinda enhanced my twisted thinking capabilities… 😛

18 07 2012

Very interesting article. Thanks for sharing Haritha!

23 06 2012

I need to clarify some thing. I am not generalizing any thing. I sincerely believe that there are still people who are poor but won’t vote for the big thugs.

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