Another first

26 05 2012

Last weekend I had the opportunity to watch a play – ‘This’ by Dramanon. This is my first encounter with theatre art (pun intended). I know this doesn’t seem much as to trigger and warrant a blogpost, but since ‘watching a play’ is something I never even considered before, I  find this exposure exciting. And the fact that I loved it makes the incident even more profound.

(Thinking back, it’s strange that I never had even attended any of the  mythological dramas usually enacted during festivals and in villages occasionally. Hmm… )

To quote from the official synopsis, ‘This’ is a superbly crafted, funny, witty, sharp, self-deprecating & wholly truthful take on four urban 30 somethings who are past their youthful sheen and are now negotiating the Rest of Their Lives.

I must say I was bowled over. To see the actors perform live had been a thrilling experience for me. It may look like I’m promoting this particular play and/or actors, but the fact is that I was mesmerized by the whole experience. Serena Punch as Merell was awesome. I loved her deep voice.  And my favorite was Alan, who is cursed with perfect memory, played by Nakul Bhalla.

The play itself is a western product, written by Canadian-born New York based playwright Melissa James Gibson. Consequently, the characters seemed a bit unreal/far-fetching to me. I couldn’t connect with all the nuances of all the characters but of course one can always relate to the emotions involved. Come to think of it, the basic concept addresses some important issues right on.

Thanks to my friend who introduced me to this wonderful world of art.



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