Gabbar Singh

21 05 2012

A treat to Power Star’s fans. A complete entertainer. Enjoyed it very much. I must admit I occasionally indulge myself by getting carried away by the charisma of the star(s) and this surely is one such an occasion. It’s an adrenaline rush experience to watch him and listen to people around whistle and applaud at his style, stunts, and dance.

The in-built comedy both tickles and derives quite a few good laughs; Even the punch dialogues are not too overboard. They all make sense coming from Pavan Kalyan. He has it in him – power. He surely has put on some weight and reminded me of Chiranjeevi many times. 🙂

Pavan Kalyan has created magic. Sruthi is decent. Music is great.  My favorite is the title song, with the item song coming a close second.

There is a lot of energy in the movie; na, the hero. Would like to watch it again.




4 responses

21 05 2012
Tulasi ram

Sireesha, why can’t you open a movie review portal ? i like this gabbar sing review….and want to follow all your future reviews as well…

21 05 2012

Ha! You can always follow my reviews here and on FB. 🙂

25 05 2012

ya, nice movie, watched it yesterday. I think the antakshari comedy scene in “Gabbar Singh” station seemed to drag a bit and Gayathri Rao was speaking in slow motion which was supposed to be both seductive and comical but actually it was kind of irritiating. I am feeling Brahmanandam is getting beaten in movies more and more these days. Also, too many fights…but overall an entertainer. Is it just my feeling or pawan kalyan’s voice was heavier than usual in this movie?

25 05 2012

You are right in your observations Haritha. But I didn’t notice them much. Pavan Kalyan had offset all those. 🙂

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