What Totem Animal am I?

25 04 2012

I’ve taken this test on http://allthetests.com as part of a reading-challenge and the results are as follows:

What Totem Animal Are You?
For 26 % you are: You are…AN EAGLE! You’re serious, concentrated, calculating, and judging. You are a natural born leader, and can be compassionate towards close friends. You may come off rather bossy to some.

You could also get this result:
For 26 % you are: You are…A WOLF! Your utmost priority is leadership and kindness. You make friends easily and steadily, learn quickly, and care about others, hurting as much as they do when they’re having a hard time.

Or even this one:
For 26 % you are: You are…A DEER! You’re artistic, creative, very compassionate, gentle, and kind. You like to delve into very complicated artistic activities such as drawing, sketching, or playing music. You’re always there when a friend needs you.

Or even this one:
For 21 % you are: You are…A BEAR! You’re laid back, rather easygoing, and compassionate. You are rather unorganized, like to eat, and may be overweight. You cry over trivial matters, often, but are also there when a friend needs a laugh.

Looks like I’m more like a combination of all these Totem Animals, so I have only a little of their corresponding traits. I wonder which ones and how little! 😛

I’m always curious to know more about myself and quite enjoy taking similar tests. I know there are many apps, with nonstandard tests, out there promising revelations about oneself and I’m almost sure that this particular test too is such a silly case. It’s just that I’m in the mood now for some fun and that’s the reason I’m posting the results in here.

Of all the descriptions above, there aren’t many that I’m absolutely sure of. (I quite agree with this though – “You may come off rather bossy to some.”)

I hope those who know me well enough will either affirm or contest any of them.



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