Class photo

22 01 2012

This is the photo I mentioned in my earlier post “A surprise encounter with my past“.

Let’s see how many of them I remember. From top left – D Durga Prasad (my benchmate for sometime), Chakravarthy (we used to fight with and chase each other a lot during the interval breaks), Shanker (?), *, Praveen, T Durga Prasad (a little cunning fellow – you don’t want to mess with him; , Jagadish (?), Prithvi Raj, Naresh (naughty), Durga Prasad (?), Sai Kiran (very mischievous), Vijay Kumar (topper), Daniel, Madhav, Vinay, Chandrasekhar, Vicky, Chandrika, Amar Jyothi (one of my closest friends), Jhansi, Gowri, Supriya, Sirisha, Sheela, Sandhya (?), Sasirekha, Arunjyothi, Sravanthi (bold and the beautiful), Pratibha.

Not bad. Could recall all the names except one. It’s a different matter that I’m not sure about quite a few of them. But where is Santosh whom I met on that day? Was he absent in the photo or did I mistakenly took him to be as Madhav? How many did I recollect correctly and how apt are my associations? Guys, please let me know!




3 responses

22 01 2012
Tulasi Ram

Hey, i am crying..why i am missing in this photo…
also now i am talking to santosh…on phone…we are discussing on this

. its not Naresh (naughty)……Narendra

anyways thanks sireesha

23 01 2012

Oh yeah, he is Narendra. Thanks for reminding me. So, how about my other recalls?

7 09 2012
Praveen Kumar. K

nice memories to look & smile at the past days. we really do miss them

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