21 01 2012

Puri and Mahesh did it again. Businessman may not raise as high an uproar as Pokiri, but is good and special in its own way. I found it quite a serious movie providing enough adrenaline rush to the audience as the hero climbs up the success ladder in the business of crime. It’s a kind of universal law that a hero always does right and conversely, anything that a hero does can be justified to be right. Keeping aside the debate about the effects and role of mafia on the society, films made about the underworld aren’t very uncommon, both nationally and internationally. We all loved the empire of The God Father and also the invincibility of our own Don, without any reservations whatsoever. Businessman falls into the similar line but as one expects, the story, treatment, and dialogues are new and refreshing.

As in all kinds of stories/movies, there is a love track in this movie. The hero originally traps the heroine  to serve as an ace up his sleeve in case he gets cornered by her commissioner father, but realizes at a crucial moment that he has really fallen for her and that she means a lot to him. On her part, the heroine, though initially got deeply distressed on knowing the truth about the hero, can’t really be able to get over him and succumbs to his charms. I would have found this track truly “filmy” (read “highly impractical”) and it would have affected my reaction to the movie on the whole. But, as it happened, I read a book called “Mafia Queens of Mumbai” a few months back, which is a collection of real-life stories of the notable gangsters and underworld giants. In that book, I found lot many love stories and affairs, which are not dissimilar to the one mentioned above.

Earlier, in my naivety and ignorance, I used to think that people are either white or black and the so called “bad people” or “villains” are by design unable to do anything remotely sensitive. The thought of them being in love with a woman in a true sense is something I had trouble even imagining. It is easy to guess the reason for my stereotype thoughts – the underlying messages that have been drilled into our minds ever since the childhood through moral stories, epics, movies etc, establish the same thing -that there are good people and there are bad people and that they have almost nothing in common. Being a simple unsuspecting soul by nature, I continued believing it even until recently, which I admit is not actually a thing to be proud of but on the contrary, should be (or rather, is) a source of my chagrin.

The music is not too good. Liked only a couple of songs. It’s neither the first instance that the tunes have been copied nor will it be the last but to discover the act even before one got to listen to the songs for the first time kind of dilutes one’s possible enjoyment of the music. Despite that, I loved the “Pilla Chao” song. Picking the Lion King’s song for copying, is something I feel is stupid. Borrowing from such a well-known track – I think that’s too audacious of Thaman. The song isn’t very melodic and when made into a Telugu song, except the chorus bit everything else kind of made no impact on me. (I love all songs from Lion King though.) I loved the background score. Kajal looked very glamorous in this movie. The songs were picturesque and I absolutely loved the costumes of Mahesh in “Pilla Chao”.



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20 03 2012
Tulasi ram

so you dont agree or impractical…that mafia dons dont really have that heart/corner for true love for a woman….for who even they will surrender…antha ledu….antha cinema lo choopistaru antav ….sare……
Hey by the way, you read mafia dons history/biography also…..ammo….you are very deep reading 🙂

just kidding.

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