A surprise encounter with my past

15 01 2012

Until as recent as last week, I had no inkling that I would meet people from my past, in fact childhood, whom I haven’t even thought about in  say at least 15 years except when occasionally encountering the single photograph of them from an old album. I’m talking about my classmates during the 5th & 6th standards.

And it all began with a group email-invitation for one of the guys’ marriage I received early last week. Initially, I dismissed it as a junk mail, unable to associate the sender with my past instantly. As the conversation continued among others in the group and I kept receiving that mail again and again, I made an effort to really look into what it is all about. This time though, I quickly recognized some of the names (uncommon ones to be precise) and it all struck me with a force of pleasant surprise and excitement at the realization that they are planning to get-together on the occasion of a friend’s marriage and I can be part of it too if I wish to.

Even though I couldn’t recollect everyone or everything about those days (it was really so long ago), given the fact that I spent only two years of my life with them with no contact whatsoever thereafter, I decided to attend the wedding, meet those childhood buddies and rattle the beehive of past memories.

I went and had a great time. Met about 7 guys (no girls turned up, unfortunately). More than anything, I was so embarrassed not to recognize some people; I couldn’t even place some of the names.  Of course, it is rather difficult to relate grown up men to their childhood faces, but I definitely ought to have done better, considering that most of them could recollect me.

As I learnt that there had been big get togethers twice in the past 3-4 years where almost everyone appeared and observed the bonding they all shared, considering that they were all together for most of their schooling, I felt slightly envious of them. I did my schooling in 6 different schools altogether with the implication that I had never been at any place for more than 2-3 years, which robbed me off such a bonding. At the end, I felt so happy to meet them all and to realize that the feeling was mutual.

It has been a while since I’ve taken a look at the photograph, which has been my sole anchor to that part of my past till now. I so wished I had it with me that evening so that I could have fared better in recollecting.  Sadly, I couldn’t find it in my initial search attempts to include it here. I’ll intensify my efforts in future and hope to find it soon.




2 responses

17 01 2012
Tulasi Ram

Hey Sireesha, I will try to get contacts of DDP, Sravanthi, Supriya, Chakravarthy, srikanth, Narendra, phani, Arun Jyothi, mateen etc.
Between could you upload that 5th class group photo ??

22 01 2012
Class photo « Peek Inside My Mind

[…] This is the photo I mentioned in my earlier post “A surprise encounter with my past“. […]

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