Forgot to attach?

19 12 2011

Forgetting to attach a file before hitting the send button in the email composer is a typical scenario faced by one and all.

I just encountered a wonderful new feature of Hotmail, which prompts you to add the attachment before sending the message, if you try to send the email without any attachment, provided you mention about the attachment in the body or subject fields of the email.

The following are some interesting observations:

  • It works when “attached” word is present as in “attached report”  but not when ‘attachment” word is used in either the body or the subject fields
  • It doesn’t work for “attached to mom” in the body of the email, but it works when the same is used as a subject
  • When only ‘attached” word is used as a subject, the prompt comes up but the same is not true when the  single word is used as the message.

Couldn’t experiment more…

But, does the above make some sense? Or does the feature need more robust programming?

Nonetheless, I’m glad that efforts to address this grave issue have been taken up (finally).

PS: Looks like my enlightenment came a little too late. 🙂 Thanks Sree for updating me. I’ve blissfully been unaware of this wonderful feature so far. 





3 responses

19 12 2011

gmail has been having this feature for about a year now Sireesha.. initially I was like… geeks!! now this google is reading our mail too ;).. but seriously it is a mistake that I keep doing often and it is saving me a lot of trouble..

19 12 2011

Oh really? Never experienced this before. Honestly, I had my doubts believing that Microsoft is the first to respond to this problem. Does Gmail too has these issues – similar to the observations I made for Hotmail?

19 12 2011

By the way, Google has been reading our mail since forever for the purpose of targeted advertising. Their response to the outrage is that it is all automated; there is no human intervention whatsoever.

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