Sri Rama Rajyam

15 12 2011

This beautiful rendition of the great epic by Bapu is just fabulous. Each frame is beautiful. The graphics worked well. Everyone did justice to their roles. Nayantara as Sita stole the show. She was simply astounding. I was really surprised and delighted to watch her awesome performance. Illayaraja’s music was soothing, melodious and apt. His melodies have a distinct sweetness that others cannot quite emulate.

Despite the unanswered questions regarding the treatment of Sita (a few of my thoughts on this here), the charm of Ramayana holds good to me even to this day. It was my favorite childhood read and I never get tired to reading/listenting to/watching the epic tale. It is a story which tells one what to do and how to do, unlike its sister epic Mahabharatha, which tells one what not to do.

Reading Ramayana brings peace as it primarily presents the good and positive elements of life. It is worthy to note that the movie recognized the injustice rendered to Sita and had not attempted to justify it. Given that it happened/written during a time when woman’s role was strictly defined and confined, it is no surprise that the events unfolded in such a way. But having the god incarnation himself to behave so is something that is not easily digestible for those who believe in absolute. I’m not suggesting any alternative course for Rama, and not sure even if such a thing exists given the circumstances. Could it be possible for him to be just to both his wife and his people? My immediate thought was to make him stand up for what he believes – he believes in his wife and he loves her – and somehow make people understand it. But even as I was thinking so, I knew it’s not easy to change a deep-rooted conviction even when God wishes it. There is no evidence that the change had indeed took place, though the people of the kingdom were exasperated and repented at the gloomy state of their king. In this regard, I’m not sure whether Ramayana had been successful in making people change their beliefs. While the kind of love and devotion between the couple is inspiring to all, the trials that Sita had to undergo, with no error of hers, can indeed be perceived as a failure of Rama.

Sita has a very significant role in our tradition and she is deemed as a perfect being whom every woman should try to emulate. I wonder to what extent her personality still holds significance!




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