31 10 2011

Don’t know what to say. I’m so disappointed by this much hyped and much awaited movie from King Khan. I haven’t got much expectation from it to begin with, but I really hoped that it would not be as embarrassing as MNIK was. When confronted by the open ticket counters at showtime on the weekend after its release, it seemed like my worst fears have come true.

The graphics are really awesome and the storyline itself is promising. But the filmmakers’ overemphasis on the technology part, ignoring other more important aspects has brought down its doom. The emotional and sentimental elements haven’t been treated well. In fact they barely touch you, leaving you bored to death (can’t help being dramatic :-P). There is actually a lot of scope to make the movie more interesting. The relationships could have been elevated more, especially between the father and the son . Also, the scenes between G.One and Kareena are so awkward. The indecipherable expressions of Kareena don’t help much either.

In the end, one can’t help assuming that the story has been cooked up for the sake of graphics and not the other way around. Take the case of Robot: there, the story doesn’t feel threatened by the technology; technology, or rather graphics, become part of the story, which is how it ought to be. The cast, the characters, the music, and a whole lot other things made it a success, not just the graphics.

Coming back to Ra.One, some of the pathetic attempts at humor only make one to sigh in despair. There is a chance for sensitive audience to even feel insulted. The audience have grown up. The decade-old gimmicks don’t work now. Filmmakers, you need to grow up too.

I must mention the background score. It was mind-blowing. But the songs aren’t all very catchy. I liked a couple of them though.

The guest appearance of Rajini Kanth is really wasted. It is too short, too abrupt and doesn’t really serve any purpose. Also, I couldn’t understand what really happened between Chitti and G.One, if anything happened at all in the first place. 😛

Ra.One fails to emulate the success of Robot for these and quite possibly many other reasons. I really feel sorry for the producers.

PS: This is a hard one to write, being a hardcore fan of Shahrukh. 😦




3 responses

12 11 2011

watch rockstar.. it is good..

12 11 2011

Oh really? But I’m not eager to watch Ranbir. I don’t know why but I don’t have a good impression on him. Still, I may watch the movie if the movie is really good.

13 11 2011

i liked Ranbir in ajab prem ki gajab kahani and wake up sid. He’s very convincing in Rockstar too. Definitely, a upcoming star.. !

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