6 10 2011

Been to Dookudu last night for the third time. Loved it more each time I saw it. Finally thought that my blog deserves some space for it. While I admit that I don’t have anything different or new to say about the movie, I feel the urge to express a few of my thoughts on it at this juncture.

Dookudu is a wholesome entertainer with action, comedy, sentiment, and of course romance/love. Mahesh Babu fills the movie and he is never been more handsome or more charming. Despite his smile being a bit awkward – just shrinking the eyes and extending the mouth – he manages to look cute.  I felt like there has never been a Tollywood hero who has as killing looks as Mahesh. It’s not fair. 🙂 I’m no fan of him, but still I couldn’t take my eyes off him during the whole movie.

Samantha looked beautiful, lot better than in her earlier movies. But one gets tired of the peculiar  husky voice of the dubbing artist. Been good in the first movie – Em maaya Chesaave.It was refreshing at that time. But using it every time, gives the heroine an unnecessary attitude. I hated to listen to her voice even for Trisha in Teenmaar.

The music is awesome. Can’t get enough of it. Thaman just rocks! The songs are picturesque. Very appealing. Must mention the superb costumes, especially Mahesh’s.  The story is crafted well. Mahesh is absolutely bewitching as a bold and efficient IPS officer. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and I look forward to watch it again and again. In fact my first thought as soon as I was into the movie (the first time) for only about half-an-hour had been – “I must own the DVD as soon as it comes out.” 😀



2 responses

24 10 2011

A complete laugh riot..! Dookudu is a senseless entertainer.. Keep your brain aside and enjoy..! 🙂

12 11 2011

100 marks for entertainment!

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