Feeling bored..?

30 09 2011

Until a month or so ago, the common question I faced had been “How do you pass your time?” Most of the time it’s either a conversation starter or just idle talk but there are instances when people genuinely believe that I’m bored being “just” a homemaker, especially after working for a couple of years. But I always fail to say what they really want to hear and thus disappoint them (I suppose).  I must admit that this question irks me a little, because I never feel bored. I usually have a hard time trying to make people understand this fact.

I feel I do more stuff staying at home than at a job – not just the routine household chores but also something stimulating which engages my mind and heart. I read, shop, call and meet up friends, browse the web, make plans, learn something new etc.  I even watch TV or listen to music only as much as I can enjoy them and no more. Not just now but even from my childhood, I had always been a busy bee with lots of stuff running inside my mind and doing something or the other. In short, I love and enjoy whatever I do and I don’t do anything that doesn’t make me truly involved. This follows that I rarely do feel bored.

Whenever there is even a hint of getting bored at something or at some state of affairs, my instincts are instantly aroused and I’ll not rest until I found something else which hooks me on. I believe that there is so much to learn, experience, and do in this world that it’s hard to get bored. While I don’t claim to be immune to this universal phenomenon, I believe that I can’t stand being bored for long and not doing anything about it.

Any doubts?? 😀




One response

15 10 2011

No doubts. I also feel there is so much to be done apart from daily routine. People develop so many interests over the years and snatch some time from the schedule to pursue them.

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