Break Ke Baad

9 07 2011

Note: This is not a review. I know it’s too late to give one. Having seen it only recently, I just wanted to express some of my thoughts on it. I guess the following makes complete sense only to those who have already watched the movie.

Watched Break Ke Baad yesterday on TV. When I caught a few scenes of the movie much earlier, I got distinctly irritated by Aliya’s (Deepika Padukone) stupid behavior and didn’t quite understand why Abhay (Imran Khan) was being so good. But when I took time to watch the movie yesterday, I began to have a much broader perspective of the characters.

I realized her passion and her courage to chase her dreams. I admire her for it. But what kind of a foolish person will afford to lose such a committed, loving and caring boyfriend? That’s definitely stupid of her. It was well pointed out that she chose to run away from her problems instead of trying to resolving them and she didn’t have her priorities set right. The biggest problem is that she has taken Abhay so granted that she failed to realize what and how much he means to her and her life.

Talking about Abhay, I was bowled over by the character. Can this man be real? How can a person be so committed, despite having been told on the face to f* back off? I didn’t get to follow the part where Abhay admits to his own problems or some similar sort of thing. Whatever his personal issues are, I still feel that it’s a rarity for a person to have so much clarity with regard to relationships, especially for a man.  I don’t mean any offence to menfolk but it’s just that my observation so far has been that usually women act more maturely in relationships compared to men of the same age. Well, of course there are always exceptions.

I really liked the parts where Aliya returns to India cancelling the contract when she realizes how upset her mom had been (it shows that she is not totally selfish and blind to everything else other than her goal) and where her mom gives her assent to go and pursue her  dreams and apologies for trying to pull her back from living her life. Totally loved Ayisha’s (Sharmila Tagore) words over there.

I especially liked the following dialogue by Sharmila to Deepika:

People don’t love you because you are special; you are special because you have people who love you around you.




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