Gender stereotyping

8 07 2011

Read the article on Lisa Bloom’s book – Think: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbled-Down World here.

I’ve been for many years aware of how gender stereotypes are distilled in the kids right from the childhood by various cultural stereotypes and the casual talk we engage in with them, giving them suggestions all the time. For ex: when a boy cries, we immediately say: don’t cry like a girl etc.

Also I often worry about the pressure the society and the world around is putting on women in terms of their physical appearance. I’m sure everyone will agree that how the thought of “looking good” dominates our thoughts and deeds. Not a wonder that it’s taking a toll on little kids too.

In current times we are not able to see a few extra kilos as a minor thing (apart from the ‘health angle’). Everyone expects one to look good and fit. While being fit is a great goal, I’m not sure how much it is helping when the stress it subjects you to overshadows the nobleness of it.

Even for men, looks are important these days – being muscular/six-pack/potbelly-less etc. And now Fair & Handsome has started doing it to men what Fair & Lovely has been doing to women all these years. Still, I must say the pressure on men is a lot lesser than compared to that on women.

Anyways, I’m digressing.

The need for curbing our impluses and trying to make neutral and intelligent conversations with little girls makes all the more sense.I suppose we all can use some tips from Lisa’s book.



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