Reflections on integrity

24 06 2011

A person whose words and deeds match; who stands by his/her principles at all times; who is true to oneself is my idea of a person with integrity. We all hold many ideals but in the daily life find it difficult to put them all into practice.

Everybody is doing it, so why don’t/can’t I? if it is done by majority, it’s right or at least not wrong. This line of argument goes with various things like lying, corruption, tax evasion, social irresponsibility and many other less grand things.

It takes courage to hold an opinion contrary to that of the majority and then to stand by it. Believing something and actually putting into practice often seem to be two different things.

In the matter of some of my strong beliefs/opinions , I’m not always sure whether I would retain my conviction when it’s the testing time. But I’m glad to note that I didn’t waver to hold on to my principles on a few important issues of late.

While it’s too personal to reveal what those occurrences are, I consider these as encouragement to do the same in future, in view of the contentment they brought to me. Experiences like these would surely  increase my belief in myself.




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